Today’s rapidly changing business environment requires an increasingly globalized, digitized and empowered workforce. Find the latest tools and tactics to energize and organize your team at the PRSA Connect 14 Conference.

What is Connect 14?

Designed in collaboration with the PRSA Employee Communications Section, this two-day event features power networking with colleagues, as well as targeted programming that responds to the latest internal communications challenges and opportunities.

What topics will be explored?

Through recent case studies and actionable insight, Connect 14 will deep dive into internal communications topics, such as how to communicate internally during an external crisis; strategies for effective employee communications in a globalized and digitized environment; the changing role of research in internal communications; as well as communicating in environments of constant job insecurity.

Who's presenting at Connect 14?

"The Human Element of Change"

Maril MacDonald is CEO and founder of Gagen MacDonald. She is a nationally recognized leader in communication, leadership and strategy execution. Her pioneering work enables corporate leaders to optimize business performance by leveraging and enhancing their company’s unique blend of strategy, culture and structure, to engage and mobilize stakeholders. Most recently, MacDonald was selected as the recipient of the Arthur W. Page Society’s 2013 Distinguished Service Award.



"7 Success Tips for Helping Managers Communicate and Connect"

Linda Dulye is president and founder of Dulye & Co. She is internationally recognized for using disciplined, measurable practices in effective communications and employee engagement to increase business performance at many of the world’s most admired companies.  




"The Changing Role of Research in Internal Communications"

Tyler Durham is partner and managing director of Ketchum Change, Ketchum's change management, employee engagement and workforce communications consultancy. He oversees the global network of change and workforce communications consultants in North America, Europe and the Middle East.