The Human Element of Change

Opening Keynote

Tuesday, May 20, 9:15–10 a.m.

Your Session ROI

From eye-popping technological advances to the frenetic pace of globalization, today’s business landscape is being continually reshaped to reward those organizations that can rapidly adapt. These tectonic forces have significant implications for communication professionals who are charged with shaping reputation, engaging employees and creating agile organizations. Maril MacDonald, CEO and founder, Gagen MacDonald, will present and address the need to recognize and determine ways to successfully leverage the human element of change inside organizations, to manage momentum and drive business results.

Final Presentation

(Available to registered attendees only.)

Keynote Speaker

Maril MacDonald, CEO and founder, Gagen MacDonald

Photo of Maril MacDonald MacDonald is a nationally recognized leader in communication, leadership and strategy execution. Her pioneering work enables corporate leaders to optimize business performance by leveraging and enhancing their companies’ unique blend of strategy, culture and structure, to engage and mobilize stakeholders. Most recently, MacDonald was selected as the recipient of the Arthur W. Page Society’s 2013 Distinguished Service Award.