We’re currently planning the PRSA Connect 15 Conference. If you're interested in learning more about the quality insight presented, check out the 2014 program:

A Case Study of Erickson Living’s Employee Communications Program

Learn how to better communicate key business information to field employees.

Tracy Imm, APR, ABC
Director, Corporate Communications, Erickson Living

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Turning Strategy Into Action

Learn how DuPont Pioneer engaged its leadership and employees during a time of significant change to create buy-in and elevate performance.

David Grossman, ABC, APR, Fellow PRSA
Founder and CEO, The Grossman Group

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Be Brave With Ideas — Create an Internal Strategy That Works for You!

This case study from Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago explores a team’s evolution from print to a multichannel communications.

Bonita Brodt, APR
Director, Communications, Northwestern Memorial HealthCare

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Communicating Shared Values: How to Empower Employees and Bring Your Corporate Character to Life

Learn the four steps for developing/refreshing your company’s values — and communicating them effectively — to guide decision-making and influence how your employees treat each other and your customers.

Linda Kingman
Managing Director, Insidedge

Molly A. Keveney
Vice President, Communications and Community Affairs, WhiteWave Foods Company

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Live, It's Super Friday!

EY Americas' Advisory’s service line brings together its 10,000-person team twice a year at 70 locations for strategic leadership discussion, training and fun. Learn how EY does it — and how you can apply lessons learned.

Sean D. Williams
Founder and CEO, Communication AMMO, Inc.

Mary Lou Ringle
Associate Director, EY

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The Eight Most Common Consulting Mistakes Communicators Can't Help But Make

Learn the mistakes that keep advice from being sought, plus strategies and tools to help avoid pitfalls.

Kate Bushnell
President, The Grossman Group

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Health Care Reform: What Does It Mean for Employers, Employees and Your Communication Plan?

Join health care experts Jim Duffett, Lindsay Resnick and Ray Valek, ABC, for a presentation and discussion about the likely impact of American health care reform on employer benefit plans.

Jim Duffett
Executive Director, Campaign for Better Health Care

Lindsay Resnick
CEO, KBM Group: Health Services

Ray Valek, ABC
President , Valek & Co.

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