Monday, May 4 | 8–9:25 a.m. | Opening Keynote Breakfast 

“How to Attract, Hire and Retain Top Salespeople” 

The Reality 
While many business owners and executives believe they have a good hiring process, turnover and low productivity often say otherwise. Studies show that most hiring processes not only miss top performers, but actually eliminate them.
The Good News 
There is a better way to find people who not only have the right skills, but will be happy and productive working for your company. You know these people — they are the ones that seem to do what is required almost automatically and clearly love what they are doing. From sales to customer service to support, these people are out there and ready for you to find them.
The Solution 
In this session, you will learn how high-performing companies are using cutting-edge behavioral analytics, combined with effective interviewing techniques, to build teams of winners.
You will learn:

Dolly Penland, business adviser, Predictive Results, and program manager, Startup Quest

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