Sunday, May 3 | Noon–4 p.m. | Pre-Conference Session*    

“Managing People, Profits and Risks: The Best of Counselors Academy”

This session brings together some of the most highly rated speakers from past Counselors Academy conferences for a thought-provoking master’s course on creating and running a more successful, profitable, headache-free business.
The pre-conference is a must-attend for new entrepreneurs and first-time attendees, and guaranteed to be a potent refresher for all agency principals and aspiring leaders.
Establishing effective HR policies and practices to hire right, manage fairly and steer clear of legal and regulatory landmines.
Speaker: Karen Kramer Horning, Ph.D., SPHR, principal consultant, NextLevel HR
A look at the most critical elements of building and maintaining a profitable agency, and the key financial ratios agency leaders need to monitor to manage intelligently and maximize the bottom line.
Speaker: Darryl Salerno, CEO, Second Quadrant Solutions
Practical advice on how to protect your agency against common but often-overlooked legal dangers, from the clauses that belong in every client agreement to safeguarding valuable ideas and other intellectual assets.
Speaker: Michael C. Lasky, partner, Davis & Gilbert LLP
Moderator: Eric Morgenstern, APR, Fellow, PRSA, president and CEO, Morningstar Communications

*This is an additional ticketed event not included in the conference registration.

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