Monday, June 10
5–6 p.m.

"The Smart, The Dumb (Or Dumb Luck) and The Colossal: Agency Decisions That Fired Up or Backfired — LIVE and UNCENSORED"

This power-packed panel tackles head-on “the hardest decisions we made that helped — or hurt — our firms,” as recalled by five agency owners at different points in the agency lifecycle. Moderated by Matthew Schwartz, group editor of PR News, this session will give you the stories behind decisions gone well — and some gone bad.
From firms with more than 120 employees around the globe to those with four employees in a small office, each of these agency entrepreneurs has had to make decisions. Decisions that made them sick, made them grow, made them mad and made them ecstatic. From staffing and accounting to service offerings and clients, making the big decision at the right time is what leaders do.
Hear firsthand the thought process — or dumb luck — that these agency owners rely on to spark growth more often than naught. Show up with the “big, nasty” decisions you are wrestling with and pose them to this group for insight.    
Scott W. Allison is CEO at Allison+Partners. Connect with Scott on Twitter.
Dana Hughens is CEO at Clairemont Communications
Steve Cody is managing partner and co-founder of Peppercomm. Connect with Steve on Twitter
Mike Neumeier, APR, is principal at Arketi Group. Connect with Mike on Twitter.        
Chuck Norman, APR, is owner and principal at S&A Cherokee. Connect with Chuck on Twitter.

Moderator: Matthew Schwartz is group editor at PR News.