Every day, your decisions impact the bottom line. Maximize your people, profits and potential the PRSA 2015 Counselors Academy Conference, May 3–5, in Laguna, Calif.

Tailored to the challenges and opportunities of agency owners and senior-level counselors, this conference features the C-suite conversations, case studies and research sparking growth and evolving existing programs. See the full program.

Keynote Session
“Experiential Isn’t an Aspiration — It’s a Reality”

Daniel Chu 
Executive Vice President and Creative Director, Deutsch LA
Unlock the ultimate key to success by thinking about the big picture and then drilling down to solve client challenges through planning, design and fabrication.
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Keynote Session
“How to Attract, Hire and Retain the Best People”

Dolly Penland
Business Adviser, Predictive Results
Program Manager, Startup Quest
Learn how high-performing companies are using cutting-edge behavioral analytics and effective interviewing tactics to build teams of winners.
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Keynote Session
“Alternative Revenue Models for the New PR Firm”

David C. Baker
Principal, ReCourses, Inc.
Discover new sources of revenue to reduce your reliance on clients who are decreasing spend on historically core PR services.
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What is the Counselors Academy Conference?
Created by the PRSA Counselors Academy, this event provides senior-level public relations practitioners, from multinational agencies to independent practitioners, with the tools and techniques to anticipate new trends and opportunities. 

How is the conference programed?
Designed by agency leaders for agency leaders, the conference is developed by the PRSA Counselors Academy.

Why Attend?
With robust networking and learning opportunities, agency leaders will come together to discuss relevant topics such as content creation, effective leadership techniques, and balancing public relations and business responsibilities.

Ready to join the conference conversation?
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