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Beyond the Logo: Nonprofit Events as a PR Platform

Professional Development Workshop Set 2

Hosted by the Association/Nonprofit Section.

Events are one of the easiest ways to partner with nonprofits, providing the opportunity to market directly to a target audience and build brand loyalty among that audience. They also allow you to engage your employees with the community around them and build your reputation as a socially responsible business. While nonprofit partnerships can be one of the most lucrative investments your business can make, too often, the potential of that partnership isn’t maximized.

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Samantha Swaim, event strategist/fundraising consultant, Samantha Swaim Fundraising, LLC

Photo of Samantha Swaim With 16 years of experience, Swaim designs events that uniquely engage an organization’s support base and ties closely to its mission, bringing about a high level of production that captures both the fun and the funds. She also teaches monthly fundraising classes on how to turn a good event into a great fundraising event.