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Getting a Seat at the Table: A Forum on PRSA’s Business School Initiative

Professional Development Workshop Set 3

Hosted by the Educators Academy.

What does it take to get the public relations function a permanent and respected seat at the corporate decision-making table? PRSA uses an educational approach that attempts to change the view of public relations held by upper management through offering select public relations courses in business schools. This interactive session is designed to inform educators and public relations professionals about PRSA’s upcoming business school initiative.


Dean C. Kazoleas, APR, professor and director, maxwell center for international communications and media, California State University Fullerton

Photo of Dean C. Kazoleas, APR Dr. Dean C. Kazoleas, APR, is a professor and director of the Maxwell Center for International Communications and Media at California State University Fullerton, and chair of PRSA’s Educators Academy. He has taught/developed programs in Norway, South Korea, Austria and Argentina. As an active professional, he has consulted with more than 30 organizations in the areas of communications, campaigns and crisis planning. Previously, he has served PRSA as a Chapter president and District chair.

Tina McCorkindale, Ph.D., assistant professor of public relations, Appalachian State University

Photo of Tina McCorkindale, Ph.D. McCorkindale serves as the chair for the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) Educators Academy, co-chair of PRSA’s National Research Committee, a board member for the International Public Relations Research Conference, and an associate editor for the Social Science of Social Media Research Center. Her research broadly focuses on social media with specializations in authenticity, transparency, and reputation.

Terri L. Johnson, APR, associate professor, Eastern Illinois University

Photo of Terri L. Johnson, APR With 29 years of teaching experience, Johnson also has taught for Butler University, Indiana University and Ball State University. Previously, she served as a public information director for the Indiana State Highway Commission and as an assistant press secretary and speechwriter to Indiana Governor Otis Bowen. She is the immediate past chair of the Educators Academy, and has served PRSA as a Chapter president.