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Ethical Wikipedia Engagement

Professional Development Workshop Set 7

Given the wide use of Wikipedia by the public, having articles with incorrect or outdated information is not in anyone’s interest. Yet edits made by public relations professionals are unlikely to stick. Although many suggest that Wikipedia policies be based on accuracy and transparency in Wikipedia articles no matter who does the editing, as long as the information is accurate, unbiased and properly referenced, the co-founder of Wikipedia doesn’t agree.

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Marcia Watson DiStaso, Ph.D., assistant professor, Penn State University

Photo of Marcia Watson DiStaso, Ph.D. DiStaso is a Senior Research Fellow of the Arthur W. Page Center, a research editor for the Institute for Public Relations Social Science of Social Media Research Center, chair of the PRSA Financial Communications Section, and co-chair of the PRSA National Research Committee. With over 40 publications, her research focuses on exploring and informing the practice of social media, financial communication and investor relations.

Marcus Messner, Ph.D., assistant professor mass ommunications, Virginia Commonwealth University

(Photo Unavailable.) Messner serves as academic director of a Social Media Institute for the U.S. State Department, which designs social media campaigns for nonprofits.

Rian Merrill , senior account supervisor, Edelman Digital

(Photo Unavailable.) While he began his career in public affairs, Merrill now specializes in online consumer research and planning for the consumer packaged goods and consumer technology sectors.