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Daily Déjà Vu Challenges: Best Practices and Solutions

Professional Development Workshop Set 8

“Give me a marketing plan overnight.” “OMG, handle the crisis!” “Do we tweet?” “Demonstrate ROI.” Every public relations professional is faced with daily déjà vu challenges. Join a highly revealing, fun and interactive session that explores, tackles and offers best you-can-do-it practices and solutions to these and other challenges.


Dr. Rhoda Weiss, Ph.D., APR, Fellow PRSA, president, Rhoda Weiss & Associates

(Photo Unavailable.) Weiss is a past PRSA national chair/chief executive officer, and recipient of the PRSA Health Academy Lifetime Achievement Award and Educators Academy Ferguson Award. In addition, Dr. Weiss is a founding president of the American Hospital Association Society for Healthcare Strategy and Market Development, and the first recipient of its Award for Individual Excellence. She is also a Kellogg Foundation Fellow.