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ITT Corporation: Rebuilding a Brand From the Inside Out

Professional Development Workshop Set 2

Sunday, Oct. 27, 4:45–6 p.m.

Room: Franklin 5 (Hotel Floor 4)

Track: Leadership & Management

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While most companies invest heavily externally during times of change, a major manufacturer focused on building its reputation from the inside out. Kristal Sauer and Hillary Goodman, consultants, Gagen MacDonald, give an inside look at ITT's focus on mobilizing global leaders to be the “real social media” of the organization. They will reveal how this approach paid off with more engaged employees, greater clarity and alignment around the company’s strategy, and positive business results.

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Kristal Sauer, consultant, Gagen MacDonald

(Photo Unavailable.) Sauer brings a strong understanding of the challenges of the corporate environment to the consulting space. Currently, she is working with a $2 billion global diversified manufacturer of engineering and technical solutions to support the day-to-day activity of their corporate communications function.

Hillary Goodman, consultant, Gagen MacDonald

Photo of Hillary Goodman