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Cisco’s Comeback: Recasting the Networking Pioneer as an Internet Visionary

Professional Development Workshop Set 3

Monday, Oct. 28, 10–11:15 a.m.

Room: Franklin 1 (Hotel Floor 4)

Track: Innovation

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“Everybody Hates Cisco,” screamed a CNNMoney headline in the summer of 2011. To employees and executives alike, that’s exactly how it felt. David W. McCulloch, senior director, corporate communications, Cisco, unveils how the company sharpened its edge by re-engaging influencers with a bold new vision for the future connectivity of people, processes, information and devices. Dubbed the “Internet of Everything,” it became the rallying cry for Cisco’s stunning revival.

Final Presentation

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David W. McCulloch, senior director, corporate communications, Cisco

Photo of David W. McCulloch McCulloch leads a 25-person team responsible for public relations and analyst relations in the U.S., Canada and Latin America. McCulloch is a company spokesperson and drives communications strategy, messaging, crisis management and M&A activity. He is president of PRSA Silicon Valley.