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Mobile Health/Text Messaging Case Study

Professional Development Workshop Set 4

Monday, Oct. 28, 11:45 a.m.–1 p.m.

Room: Salon L (Hotel Floor 5)

Track: Specialization

Health Academy

Your Session ROI

When you consider that 97% of mobile subscribers will read a text message within four minutes of receipt, there’s no better way to reach consumers with relevant content than through a text message. Sharon Schreiber, CEO, Brandweavers for Health, demonstrates how “Be Unstoppable! Play Safe. Stay Strong” — an engaging text messaging program for young athletes, coaches, and parents — raised awareness about concussions and other football injuries. Using this case study, she will provide inside knowledge of how to adapt a successful mobile strategy.


Sharon Schreiber, CEO, Brandweavers for Health

(Photo Unavailable.) In addition to her role at Brandweavers for Health, Schreiber is a principal at Healthy-TXT. Previously, she was executive director for a private community foundation focused on improving health.