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Hacking Public Relations: How Understanding and Embracing Open-Source and Hacker Culture Is Critical to PR’s Future

Professional Development Workshop Set 1

Sunday, Oct. 27, 3–4:15 p.m.

Room: Franklin 3 (Hotel Floor 4)

Track: Innovation

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Mastering the philosophies that support the open-source movement and hacker culture is more than the next wave of new-media fad-mongering. Whether your work focuses on managing reputation, creating timely sharable content or simply keeping up-to-date with your craft, learning from hacker culture is essential. Phil Gomes, senior vice president, digital integration, Edelman, ties together Edelman’s famous Trust Barometer study, the open-source movement, hacker culture, online communities, the maker movement, Austrian philosophy, and the present and future of our industry.


Phil Gomes, senior vice president, digital integration, Edelman

Photo of Phil Gomes Gomes is responsible for crafting the online engagement policies and standards for Edelman and its clients. He is a co-founder of CREWE, dedicated to education the PR industry on proper Wikipedia practice.