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Social Technologies: Collaboration, Crowdsourcing and the Cross-Channel Conversation

Professional Development Workshop Set 5

Monday, Oct. 28, 3:15–4:30 p.m.

Room: Salon K (Hotel Floor 5)

Track: Tools & Techniques

New Professionals Section

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As the business world continues to innovate and move faster, social technologies are changing the way businesses communicate and engage with constituencies. Many companies still wrestle with the organizational and cultural challenges posed by these new ways of working. Brandi Boatner, digital experience manager, IBM’s Global Technology Services; Nick Lucido, account executive, Edelman Digital; and Amy Bishop, digital public relations specialist, digitalrelevance™, will take a comprehensive look at social business strategies through the agency, nonprofit and corporate communications lenses.


Brandi Boatner, digital experience manager, IBM

Photo of Brandi Boatner Boatner works to develop and drive the implementation of a C-level facing digital experience and engagement model to enhance the way IBM engages with CXOs in the digital world. Boatner is former national president of PRSSA.

Nick Lucido, account executive, Edelman Digital

Photo of Nick Lucido Lucido joined Edelman Digital in May 2009 after receiving the Daniel J. Edelman/PRSSA Outstanding PR Student Award. Prior to Edelman, he also completed internships in midsized and boutique agencies.

Amy Bishop, digital public relations specialist, digitalrelevance

Photo of Amy Bishop In her former role at Cru Global, Bishop worked to move Cru toward a social business strategy that improves customer experience and increases revenue.