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Strategic Empathy: Your Underused Secret Weapon

Professional Development Workshop Set 7

Tuesday, Oct. 29, 12:30–1:45 p.m.

Room: Salon K (Hotel Floor 5)

Track: Innovation

Your Session ROI

Empathy is a powerful, but underused, tool that frequently escapes our notice. Our goal as strategic communicators is often to get our public to empathize with our client. Drawing from decades of research on the topic, as well as a market analysis that found common ground between two groups with seemingly diametrically different views and agendas, Ann Christiano, Frank Karel Endowed chair, Public Interest Communications, University of Florida, will explore the four ways we can employ empathy for more effective public relations.


Ann Christiano, Frank and Betsy Karel endowed chair in public interest communications, University of Florida

(Photo Unavailable.) Before joining UF, Christiano directed communications for The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation's Vulnerable Populations portfolio.