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Balancing Work and Life: Tools and Techniques to Help Manage it All

Professional Development Workshop Set 8

Work Life Gender Committee

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In this hectic, fast-paced industry, many practitioners face work-life challenges. Hilary Fussel Sisco, Ph.D., assistant professor, Quinnipiac University; Hongmei Shen, Ph.D., APR, associate professor and faculty advisor, San Diego State University; and Bey-Ling Sha, Ph.D., APR, professor and interim director, San Diego State University, will provide an empirical look at the adoption of new communication technologies, mentoring, and the impact of organizational support on the work lives of public relations practitioners. Best practices that support work-life integration will also be discussed.


Hilary Sisco, Ph.D., associate professor, Quinnipiac University

Photo of Hilary Sisco, Ph.D. Sisco has published 12 refereed journal articles in various premier academic journals in public relations and mass communication, and has presented 25 refereed research papers at international and national conferences. She is the 2013 vice-chair of the Work, Life & Gender Issues Committee.

Hongmei Shen, Ph.D., APR, associate professor, San Diego State University

(Photo Unavailable.) A former journalist, Shen is a public member of the Commission of Public Relations Education, and chairs the 2013 Work, Life, & Gender Committee.

Bey-Ling Sha, Ph.D., APR, professor and interim director, School of Journalism & Media Studies, San Diego State University

Photo of Bey-Ling Sha, Ph.D., APR Sha previously worked in government public affairs, and published 12 refereed journal articles and eight book chapters.