We're currently planning the PRSA 2014 International Conference. If you're interested in learning more about the quality insight presented, check out the 2013 Conference program information below.

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Agency & Brand Workshop: Social Tools & Best Practices

Professional Development Workshop Set 1

Sunday, Oct. 27, 3–4:15 p.m.

Room: Franklin 4 (Hotel Floor 4)

Track: Tools & Techniques

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In this interactive workshop, both agencies and in-house PR teams will discuss how they use social PR tools and how to redesign the traditional time-consuming media reporting process, into efficient, automated social media workflows. Experts at Netvibes will present recent agency and brand case studies, and give a hands-on demo of how to pull together multiple social tools to create a custom social PR dashboard. PR News' "PR Trainer of the Year," Sally Falkow, will facilitate the agency-brand discussion and present the latest best practices in social PR.


Sally Falkow, CEO, Meritus Media


Vincent Chang, director, strategy, UX and marketing, Netvibes

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Chris Damsen, vice president, business development - Americas, Netvibes

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