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All Business Is Social: The Bigger Opportunity for Public Relations

Professional Development Workshop Set 2

Sunday, Oct. 12, 4:45–6 p.m.

Room: Roosevelt 2

Track: Integration

Practitioners are quick to focus on the reputational impact of social media on organizations. However, that misses a big opportunity, because by understanding content and conversations taking place, we can deliver powerful insights to an organization. These insights are valuable, not just to communication teams, but other departments within an organization. Learn how practitioners can be strategic communication advisers to organizations as social media is integrated within every department.

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Stephen Waddington, digital and social media director, Ketchum Europe

(Photo Unavailable.) At Ketchum, Waddington advises clients throughout Europe. He also is president of the CIPR, the professional body for the UK public relations industry, and is a chartered PR practitioner.