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PRSA/AMEC Measurement Symposium

Sunday Half-Day Pre-Conference Course

Sunday, Oct. 12, 8 a.m.–noon

Note: Prior registration required.

As the role of research in public relations escalates, internal and external clients in public relations demand that the research they conduct or commission meets certain standards of best professional practice. Those standards, which have been under discussion for some time, are now being formalized. This panel will discuss the standardization process in terms of general research (methods), measurement (data), and ethics (treatment of participants and data).

You’ll also:


Don Stacks, Ph.D., associate professor, public relations, University of Miami

Photo of Don Stacks, Ph.D. Stacks also is chair of the Institute for Public Relations Measurement Commission. His published works appear in leading professional journals.

David Geddes, Ph.D., founder, Geddes Analytics

(Photo Unavailable.) Geddes also is chair of the Coalition for Public Relations Research Standards and past chair of the Institute for Public Relations Measurement Commission.


Shannon Bowen, Ph.D., associate professor, public relations, University of South Carolina

(Photo Unavailable.) Bowen is at the forefront of public relations and corporate communication research and measurement ethics. Her published works appear in leading professional publications.

Donald K. Wright, Ph.D., APR, Fellow PRSA, professor, public relations, Boston University

Photo of Donald K. Wright, Ph.D., APR, Fellow PRSA Wright has been a founding theorist and researcher in the area of public relations and corporate communication ethics, research and measurement. His work appears in top professional publications, and he is the founding editor of Public Relations Journal.

David Michaelson, Ph.D., managing director, Teneo Strategy

Photo of David Michaelson, Ph.D. Michaelson is a pioneer in agency public relations departments, and has served as an active public relations researcher and consultant to top corporations for more than 40 years. His research on measurement, standardization and campaign excellence appear in top professional publications and books.

Molly McKenna Jandrain, director, public relations, McDonald's USA

(Photo Unavailable.) Jandrain oversees the public relations strategy that supports McDonald’s U.S. business and brand. She has held since 2012, and is responsible for developing and leading a strategic, measureable and integrated communications platform to effectively reach and engage defined audiences with McDonald’s story, business and brand actions.

Jackie Matthews, strategist, General Motors Communication

(Photo Unavailable.) Matthews is known for her highly imaginative use of research to focus attention on things that matter to business success. From 2001 to present, she has been responsible for strategic counsel to internal stakeholders at General Motors, execution of both internal and external surveys, media analysis and integration with the larger General Motors Research team. 

Linda Robinson, vice president, communication and research, Southwest Airlines

(Photo Unavailable.) At Southwest Airlines, Robinson oversees media relations, special event planning, crisis communications, emergency response and business continuity planning, community relations and charitable giving, corporate community affairs, public relations, social and multimedia, legislative communication/grassroots activities, Southwest’s Speaker’s Bureau, employee communications, and graphic design and creative services.