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PRSA 2013 International Conference Schedule: Innovation

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Monday, Oct. 28
11:45 a.m.–1 p.m.
Professional Development Workshop Set 4
Tuesday, Oct. 29
12:30–1:45 p.m.
Professional Development Workshop Set 7

Hacking Public Relations: How Understanding and Embracing Open-Source and Hacker Culture Is Critical to PR’s Future

Franklin 3 (Hotel Floor 4)

Explore what many believe to be very different worlds — PR and hacker culture.

Phil Gomes
Senior Vice President, Digital Integration, Edelman

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Real-Time Marketing: How Brands Successfully Culture-Jack the Big Moments

Franklin 1 (Hotel Floor 4)

Explore how to plan, prepare and engage in real-time marketing.

Ephraim Cohen
Executive Vice President, Technology and Digital Content, The MWW Group

Alissa Blate
Executive Vice President, Global Consumer Marketing Practice Leader, The MWW Group

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The Passion Conversation: Inspiring Your Staff and Supporters to Love Your Brand

Liberty A/B (Headhouse Tower)

Consider why the time is now for businesses to go beyond the product conversation to understanding, sparking and sustaining “the passion conversation,” or why your business is in business.

Geno Church
Word-of-mouth Inspiration Officer, Brains on Fire

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Welcome to the Global Collaboratory: Global Food Security

Franklin 2 (Hotel Floor 4)

Learn how DuPont, in partnership with Ogilvy PR, changed its reputation as a chemical company through a campaign that showcased its commitment to global food security.

Anthony Farina
Director, Global Public Affairs and Corporate Communications, DuPont

Jamie Moeller
Global Managing Director, Public Affairs, Ogilvy PR

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Building Our Future Together: The Mutual Benefit of Saint-Gobain and YouthBuild’s Partnership

Salon I (Hotel Floor 5)

Check out how Saint-Gobain, in partnership with YouthBuild USA, leveraged the transformation of once-dilapidated properties into models of sustainability, securing unprecedented media attention and enhancing employee pride.

Carmen Ferrigno
Vice President, Communications, Saint-Gobain Corporation

Dina Silver Pokedoff, APR
External Communications Manager, Saint-Gobain Corporation

Chris Cato
Project Manager, Green Initiatives, YouthBuild USA

Don Pinkney
Director, Building Trades and Business Development, YouthBuild Philadelphia Charter School

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The New Corporate Philanthropy: The Role of Strategic Partnerships

Franklin 1 (Hotel Floor 4)

Discover how the world’s smartest organizations and nonprofits are setting a new bar for giving through innovative strategic partnerships.

Mike McDougall, APR
President, McDougall Communications

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Cisco’s Comeback: Recasting the Networking Pioneer as an Internet Visionary

Franklin 1 (Hotel Floor 4)

Hear how the Cisco re-engaged influencers with a bold, new communications-led vision for the future of connectivity.

David W. McCulloch
Senior Director, Corporate Communications, Cisco

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Social Media and Technology for Crisis Communications of the Future

Liberty A/B (Headhouse Tower)

Sharpen the skills needed to communicate critical information when the media can’t reach you and there’s no electricity.

Gerard Braud
President and CEO, Braud Communications

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TV Syndication and Brand Communications: A Multi-Platform PR Opportunity

Franklin 5 (Hotel Floor 4)

Find insight into the process of creating a high-quality, syndicated TV show.

Douglas S. Simon
President and CEO, D S Simon Productions, Inc.

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iögo: Launching a New Yogurt, Rebranding a Dairy Company

Salon K (Hotel Floor 5)

Explore an aggressive communications plan that helped reposition an entire business and launch a new yogurt brand.

Marie-Josee Gagnon, APR
President, CASACOMfirm

Diane Jubinville
Director, Public Relations and Customer Service, Ultima Foods

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PR and Big Data: Using Smart Data to Communicate

Salon I/J (Hotel Floor 5)

Learn how to use “big data” for smarter, actionable insights.

Adam Singer
Product Marketing Manager, Google Analytics

Deirdre Breakenridge
CEO, Pure Performance Communications

Heather Whaling
President, Geben Communication

Shonali Burke, ABC
President and CEO, Shonali Burke Consulting, Inc.

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From Sponsorship to Partnership: Building Brand Awareness and Engagement Through Innovative Corporate Relationships

Franklin 1 (Hotel Floor 4)

Deep dive into how unique partnerships can generate visibility and coverage that stands out and gets noticed.

Diane Engler
Communications Director — North America, SCA Americas

Tracy Foster
Director, Client Services, Philadelphia Eagles

Sarah Wu
Policy and Outreach Manager, City of Philadelphia

Ari Roitman
Senior Vice President, Business, Philadelphia Eagles

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Harness the Power of Influence

Franklin 6 (Hotel Floor 4)

Learn how customer voice is setting the terms of transactions and driving innovation, and how you can enhance communication with key audiences to drive meaningful business outcomes.

Jim Delaney
President and CEO, Marketwired

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Compression Planning®: A Blueprint for Efficient Problem Solving

Salon I/J (Hotel Floor 5)

Learn the seven-step process that painlessly takes a diverse group from idea to outcome.

Merrie Elyn Meyers, Ph.D., APR, Fellow PRSA
Principal, Merrie Meyers Public Relations and Marketing

Gerald R. McNellis
Founder, McNellis Associates

Patrick M. McNellis
Director of Operations, McNellis Associates

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Live Video Meets PR and Advertising: How to Extend Your Reach and Win New Customers

Franklin 6 (Hotel Floor 4)

Hear insights on why the new live-viewing experience technique is working to reach targeted audiences and build brands.

David Thompson
Senior Vice President, Ustream

Lin Dai
Vice President, Digital & TV Entertainment, Emmis NY

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Making B2B and B2C Work Together: The New Integrated PR

Liberty A/B (Headhouse Tower)

Explore unique B2B and B2C partnerships, and barrier-breaking pilot projects.

Josiah McClellan, APR
Director of Food Market Issues and Sustainability, SmithBucklin, USB Project Management

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Become a PR Sharpshooter

Salon L (Hotel Floor 5)

This session will focus on the importance of targeting both the message and the delivery in order to ensure that you are reaching the right influencers for your campaign. Hear from agency insiders who will share examples of “bullseye” campaigns in the nonprofit, consumer, B2B, political and education sectors.

Erin Allsman, APR
Vice President, Public Relations and Social Media Director, Brownstein Group

Linda Woody
Director, Communications, Association Headquarters, Inc.

Rich Masterson
Chairman, Audience Partners

Rebecca Devine
Co-founder and Principal, Maven Communications LLC

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Strategic Empathy: Your Underused Secret Weapon

Salon K (Hotel Floor 5)

Through provocative examples, explore the four ways we can employ empathy for more effective public relations.

Ann Christiano
Frank and Betsy Karel Endowed Chair in Public Interest Communications, University of Florida

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Advil's Relief in Action Campaign: Driving Consumers, Inspiring Preference and Action

Liberty A/B (Headhouse Tower)

Learn how the award-winning campaign that connected Advil to the lives of consumers generated millions of media impressions and drove sales.

Lauren Mundell
Senior Vice President, Ketchum

Julie Schumacher Ciardiello
Partner, Senior Vice President and Director, Food & Wellness Practice, Ketchum

Diedre Ayers
Senior PR Manager, Pfizer Consumer Healthcare

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The "Interest Graph:" A Shift in Social Media

Franklin 1 (Hotel Floor 4)

Examine the shift from the “social graph” toward the “interest graph” — people with shared interests connecting and discussing.

Dan Wade
Senior Vice President, Activation, LockerDome

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