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PRSA 2013 International Conference Schedule: Leadership & Management

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Monday, Oct. 28
11:45 a.m.–1 p.m.
Professional Development Workshop Set 4

Change Management 2.0: Your Role in Leading It

Franklin 7 (Hotel Floor 4)

Discover how to increase business impact through a leadership model that reduces hierarchy and leverages organizational networks.

Amy M. Fry
Vice President, Public Affairs and Communications, Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

David Thompson
Director, Organizational Engagement, Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

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Increasing Client Retention and Minimizing Employee Turnover Costs With Online Social Media Training

Franklin 5 (Hotel Floor 4)

Hear how to increase client retention, maximize agency productivity and minimize staff turnover costs through virtual-instructor-led and on-demand, self-paced training.

Eric Schwartzman
Founder and CEO, Comply Socially

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How to Avoid a Break-Up: 10 Tips for Making Client/Agency Relationships Last for the Long Term

Liberty A/B (Headhouse Tower)

Discuss the essential elements required to foster a long-term client/agency relationship with agency veterans.

Rowan Benecke
Executive Vice President, North America Regional Director, Text100 Global Communications

David W. McCulloch
Senior Director, Corporate Communications, Cisco

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ITT Corporation: Rebuilding a Brand From the Inside Out

Franklin 5 (Hotel Floor 4)

Gain insight into the value of building reputation from the inside out.

Kristal Sauer
Consultant, Gagen MacDonald

Hillary Goodman
Consultant, Gagen MacDonald

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Connecting and Cultivating the Next Generation of Leaders: The Millennial

Franklin 4 (Hotel Floor 4)

Find out techniques for developing Millennials into effective leaders.

Regina Luttrell, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Eastern Michigan University

Ryan Schram
Chief Operating Officer, IZEA

Valerie Granuzzo
Associate Marketing Manager, NetLearning, a Healthcare Source Company

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Full Throttle Leadership: Lessons Learned Looking Through the Turn

Franklin 2 (Hotel Floor 4)

With PR continually evolving, these leadership lessons will help PR pros anticipate what’s next.

Elise S. Mitchell, APR, Fellow PRSA
President and CEO, Mitchell Communications Group

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Mastering the Art of Executive Positioning

Franklin 7 (Hotel Floor 4)

In this session, learn to develop a foundational messaging platform to advance your executive positioning plan.

Marci Kaminski
Senior Vice President, Allstate Insurance

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Global Study Reveals Digital, Gender, Generational and Skills Shifts

Franklin 4 (Hotel Floor 4)

Review the findings of the largest study of leadership from the Plank Center for Leadership in Public Relations at the University of Alabama.

Bruce K. Berger
Reese Phifer Professor of Advertising and Public Relations, University of Alabama

Maria P. Russell, APR, Fellow PRSA
Chair, Public Relations Department, S.I. Newhouse School, Syracuse University

Keith Burton
Partner, Brunswick Group

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Not a Simulation: Creating a Real Change Management Plan in Real Time

Liberty C (Headhouse Tower)

Examine successful practices for communicators tasked with advancing organizational change.

Anthony W. D'Angelo, APR, Fellow PRSA
Senior Manager, Communications, ITT Industrial Process

Gary F. Grates
Principal, WCG Worldwide

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Establishing Credibility in a C-Suite Conversation

Franklin 1 (Hotel Floor 4)

Learn the skills necessary to lead a conversation that uncovers needs and positions your ideas as value-added solutions.

Sally L. Williamson
President and CEO, Sally Williamson & Associates

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Collaborating to Make an Internship Mutually Beneficial

Franklin 3 (Hotel Floor 4)

Explore best practices that make your internship program mutually beneficial.

Alisa Agozzino, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Public Relations, Ohio Northern University

Jaimee Lumm
Account Director, GolinHarris

Bruce Hammond
Director, Marketing and Communications, National Sporting Goods Associatoin

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Rethinking the Journey to Public Relations Leadership

Franklin 4 (Hotel Floor 4)

Learn the details of a new PRSA initiative that integrates professionalism with new skills for PR, communications and collaboration.

Bill Wiersma
Founder and Principal, Wiersma and Associates, LLC.

Michael Kelly, SNCR Fellow
CEO, GigaMarketing/GigaCommunication

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The Art of Leadership Communication

Franklin 1 (Hotel Floor 4)

Add more tools to your personal communication toolkit that will help you influence thinking and challenge negative belief systems.

James Endicott
President, Distinction Communication Inc.

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