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Diversity Awards


Chapter Diversity Awards

The PRSA Diversity Committee will award up to two PRSA Chapters with a PRSA Chapter Diversity Award. The awards are given to PRSA Chapters that embody and demonstrate key values in diversity and inclusion, and that contribute to advancing diversity as shown by submissions of their best practices and/or case studies. These awards will recognize their local efforts as well as provide further support for continued achievements at the Chapter level.

The PRSA Diversity and Inclusion Committee is now accepting entries for Chapter Diversity Awards.

In order for your PRSA Chapter to apply for a Chapter Diversity Award, your Chapter must have:

  • Initiated and/or maintained a diversity program between July 31, 2015 and July 30, 2016.
  • Recruited or mentored members with interests and expertise in diversity.
  • Demonstrated a significant contribution toward diversity through submission of best practice or case study.

If your PRSA Chapter has met the above criteria, please complete this form by Sept. 13, 2016 and email it to or Laurent Lawrence, Director of Public Relations, PRSA.

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