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Chapters have long sought an effective approach to grow their membership and match the demographics of the communities they serve more closely. Developed by the 2004 PRSA National Diversity Committee, the Diversity Tool Kit® offers ideas for your Chapter's consideration based on proven models — the experiences of several PRSA Chapters, specifically, the Miami Chapter, which has increased its minority and ethnic representation from 12 percent to 44 percent over the past 10 years.

This tool kit marries the success of different Chapters to a tactical focus on PRSA’s current diversity program, which means that Chapters already having a diversity committee, or considering establishing one, should be able to easily incorporate some of these suggestions within their frameworks.

Through this tool kit, PRSA’s National Diversity Committee provides members with diversity-related research, materials, applicable tools, professional development opportunities and linkages with key organizations. Its creation rests on two objectives: To educate members by providing them the resources needed to help manage their own Chapters diversity initiatives and to influence the composition of their professional development and membership so that the diversity of its membership reflects and embraces the diversity of the profession.

If you have any questions on this tool kit or if you need more information, send an email to the National Diversity Committee.

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