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Survey: Social media mastery, authenticity, ROI are the top issues facing the PR profession

Publication Date: 01/2010

Source: SO01 Public Relations Tactics
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Members of the PRSA Counselors Academy ranked mastering social media, demonstrating return on investment and providing authentic, strategic counsel as the top three issues to address when helping their clients and advancing the future of the PR profession over the next two years.

Respondents ranked their impressions of different internal and external issues facing the profession in 2009-10 in four major categories on a scale from 1 to 5, with 1 being “very unimportant” and 5 being “very important.”

The top four issues in each category, and their average rankings, are:

Client Relations: demonstrating return on investment (ROI) was ranked 4.60; providing authentic, strategic counsel, 4.55; measuring results, 4.43; connecting public relations to the C-suite, 4.25; and raising agency fees, 3.63.

Media and Technology: mastering social media, 4.70 (No. 1 overall); enhancing technology capabilities, 4.53; the 24/7 news cycle, 4.31; and decline of traditional media, 4.24.

External Issues: the economy, 4.34; government regulation, 3.59; losing business to consulting firms, 3.20; and dominance of the biggest multinational firms, 2.80.

Partnerships and Resources: values and ethics management, 4.23; developing strategic partnerships, 4.18; recruiting and retaining talent, 4.13; and expanding agency services, 3.98.

The Counselors Academy conducted the survey online during October among 450 members of its Professional Interest Section, and released the results on Nov. 9 during the PRSA International Conference in San Diego.

Visit the Counselors Academy at for more details.

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