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Millennials in the Workplace: Managing Expectations of PR’s Next Generation

Publication Date: 2007, Fall

Source: SO02 Public Relations Strategist
Product Code: 6K-040709
Organization/Author/Firm: Ed Cafasso
Format: In Depth Magazine Article (Strategist)
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Recruiting, retaining and engaging young adults from Generation Y — or the Millennials or the Internet generation, if you prefer — the newest vanguard of PR practitioners has emerged as a critical challenge to the growth and success of our profession and the service sector in general.

In a business that relies on unselfish workhorses, a few too many new entry-level hires come across as self-centered show horses. But is this phenomenon the result of a societal and parental failure to instill working-class attitudes? Or, ironically, have we not yet learned how to effectively communicate and motivate the staffers who will someday replace us?

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