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Plotting a New Career Course

Everyone desires job security. But yourcompany's priorities are shifting, and it may be time to consider a career change, update your skills and move forward on a job search. If so, you'll definitely want to take the time to research and develop a personal business plan. It's never easy carving a new career and updating your career search tactics but PRSA Jobcenter has resources that can help. We are here to guide you during a recession and to help you maximize your job opportunities when the economy recovers.

Career Advancement and Survival Measures

Looking to thrive, not just survive, in your career?

Transitioning Into Public Relations From Journalism?

Social media has forever altered the media landscape. As a result, many experienced journalists are entering the field of public relations. Insightful webinars, such as "Transitioning From Journalism Into Public Relations," help to ease that transition by focusing on the skills sets journalists need to succeed in their new careers.