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Strategic Career Advice

Successful careers don't happen by accident. Achieving your career goals means developing a strategy, having the right tools and executing well. From tips to tactics to tools, PRSA is on your side every step of the way.

Need strategic advice? Ask PRSA's experts, find a career coach and get guidance from PRSA's Career Corner blog.

Have a particular task at hand? Use PRSA's tools and tactics, such as salary information, negotiating salariesresume and cover letter help, networking tips, and advice for personal branding and SEO.

Have a particular area of interest? PRSA's job feeds, position descriptions and articles will help you target your career more effectively. 

Ask the Experts

If you have questions about your job search, turn to our career experts and get the edge you need. Whether it is advice on networking, setting up your portfolio, maximizing your online reputation or making a career change, our experts can guide you toward career success.

Job Mentor and the Mentor Match Program

Does your job search seem stalled? Is your resume attracting the offers you hoped for? Do you need help reaffirming your goals and strengths? Consider enlisting the help of a trained career expert. Your career search deserves a professional job mentor — someone dedicated to your success.