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Criteria for Military Receiving PRSA Membership

Moving Veterans Forward

Free PRSA membership will be available to qualified public affairs professionals transitioning from the military to the civilian workforce. In order to be eligible, personnel must meet the following criteria:

  1. Military Public Affairs personnel are eligible to apply for the program any time during the period twelve months prior to separation or retirement and six months following separation or retirement.
  2. All members must separate/retire from the Armed Services under Honorable conditions (includes Medical Discharge).
  3. Candidates must meet the following professional and educational criteria:
    • Must have served in a public affairs capacity for the previous 36 months.
    • Must have graduated from a basic journalism or broadcasting course, or the Public Affairs Officer Course, at the Defense Information School.
    • Must currently hold an officer or enlisted Public Affairs classification (i.e., AFSC, MOS, Rating).