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Leverage Social Media

According to Lee Odden of TopRank Online Marketing, just as job seekers can leverage social media and SEO tactics to get the attention of your organization, you can use the same tactics to garner theirs.

  • Attract Local Candidates With an Optimized Website.
    For more than a year, Google has customized searches for signed-in users based on geography, among other factors. But today, personalized search is in play whether or not users are logged into any Google account.
    For companies looking to recruit local candidates, personalized search presents some valuable opportunities. To take advantage, implement local SEO tactics such as using geographic keywords in title tags and meta descriptions. In addition, get included in local business listings, which often appear on page one. 
  • Post Positions on Job Boards With High Search Rankings.
    Your organization is likely already leveraging employment websites for job searches. Tweak this current strategy to target job boards that appear on page one for relevant search terms. The sooner the job candidate finds the job board, the sooner he or she will find your posting. (More about this below!)
  • Have a Strong Digital Reputation.
    There is no way around it: Potential employees are going to Google your company long before the interview. It’s up to you to develop a strong digital reputation to ensure they find what you’d like them to find. Work to ensure your website is the number one result for branded keywords, as well as relevant non-branded keywords.
    Address all negative brand mentions within social networking channels by responding directly. Counter any highly ranked, negative information about your company by getting your content ranked higher, posting a response or deploying a pay-per-click campaign for the search term.
  • Use a Blog to Attract Employees.
    Use your corporate blog to not only get found in the search engines, but also as part of your job search efforts. Blog content can give potential employees a strong sense of your company culture and position it as an industry thought leader. If your organization hasn’t implemented a corporate blog into its marketing mix, there’s no better time than now. According to the TopRank® Online Marketing Blog SEO & Blogging survey:
    • Ninety-five percent of survey respondents incorporate blogs as part of their SEO efforts.
    • Eighty-seven and four tenths percent have successfully increased measurable SEO objectives as a direct result of blogging.
    • Fifty-four percent start to see SEO benefits from blogging very quickly. 
  • Use Video Sharing Sites to Create Brand Awareness.
    Last year, YouTube reached 100 million viewers in the United States. That means a good percentage of your potential employees are using the video sharing sites in a personal and professional capacity. Last year, Intel posted an employment branding commercial on YouTube, where the company positions itself as a unique place to work and successfully communicates its brand and culture. Do the same for your organization to create a strong brand awareness for potential employees.

For public relations professionals and employers, the explosion of social media and continual growth of online technologies have made it necessary to evolve current job search and recruiting techniques. By doing so, you can stand apart from competitors by getting found first online, whether it’s by a leading employer or a top recruiter.

About TopRank® Online Marketing
TopRank® Online Marketing is a digital marketing agency based in Minnesota, serving Fortune 1000 companies nationwide. TopRank provides strategic consulting, implementation and training services with an emphasis on enterprise and mid-market company search marketing, social media and online public relations.