Setting a New Direction
Integrated Communications Initiatives With Advertising and Marketing

Evaluate when your team can, or whether it should, integrate with marketing and advertising.


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Silver Anvil Award-Winning Case Study

Imagine you’re asked to turn around the “Most Hated Company in America.” Where do you begin? Blistering press, customer dissatisfaction, and political fallout over service reliability and outage restoration in its Pepco utility led Pepco Holdings, Inc. (PHI), to transform its communications strategy. >>>

Articles for More Effective Integration

"Can PR and Advertising Play Nicely Together? Five Tips for Agency Integration"
There are numerous roadblocks to creating a credible, respected PR department that seamlessly assimilates into an established advertising agency. How do you play the integration game and win? >>>

"The Ownership of Social Media, and How to Build a Solid Knowledge and Skills Base in Emerging Technology"
One of the central questions that arises regarding social media is, "Who really owns it?" This question always seems to come up in various circles — and it always has a different answer. >>>

"Between Convergence and Power Struggles: How Public Relations and Marketing Communications Professionals Interact in Corporate Brand Management"
While marketing theory and practice increasingly adopt traditional PR approaches and dialogical modes of communication, PR has geared its spheres of activity toward classical marketing areas. And although, from a historical point of view, both functions derive from different paradigms, in today’s working environment, their scope of duties and functions are increasingly overlapping and hard to distinguish. >>>

Video on "Empathizing" With Your Customer Through "Meaningful" Content