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Military public affairs officers, civilian officials and contract professionals manage communications during deployed operations overseas, for domestic community and media relations and other situations. They often work under challenging conditions, which is why specialized skills are required for communicators working on behalf of our armed forces and Department of Defense.

The Accreditation in Public Relations + Military Communication (APR+M) is an enhanced certification from the well-established APR. Candidates for APR+M must demonstrate a mastery of the Accredited in Public Relations (APR) KSAs plus additional joint public affairs topics

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Members are eligible for a $110 Accreditation Examination rebate upon completion of the computer-based Examination.


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Enhancing the APR Credential

As we celebrate the APR's 50th anniversary this year, PRSA is continuing its plan to enhance the Credential’s profile and prestige.


Certificate in Principles of Public Relations

Find out more about this Certificate in Principles of Public Relations and how graduating seniors can participate.