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Managing, Motivating and Mentoring Millennials

An In-Depth Look at Engaging the Largest and Fastest-Growing Pool of PR Professionals

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Category: Leadership & Management

During the past two years, we were so busy navigating the rough waters of the Great Recession that we might not have felt the need, nor had the time, to focus on managing and engaging our teams, let alone specific “generations.” Now, the economy is recovering and our industry is back, and with it comes a critical need to effectively motivate and engage Millennials, our largest and fastest-growing pool of public relations professionals.

This webinar will provide specific knowledge about this distinctive group that will help attendees better understand and lead them, while reducing the frustration many Gen Xers and Boomers report in attempting to do so. In this session, you will learn the 10 most important millennial traits and the 20 most important actions you must take to help you manage this generation of professionals more effectively. You also will learn:

  • The dichotomy of their exaggerated-yet-delicate sense of self.
  • To understand their demand for freedom, despite their need for structure and frequent feedback.
  • Key differences between millennials and Gen Xers.
  • What they want from their work environment, and from you.
  • How to optimize your communications.
  • To manage both your and their expectations.


Ken Jacobs

Photo of Ken Jacobs Jacobs helps public relations and other communications firms with three critical issues: 1) growing and managing business, 2) improving client service and 3) enhancing staff performance, motivation and retention through training, consulting and coaching.

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