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Rethinking the Journey to Public Relations Leadership (Part 1 of 3)

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Categories: Executive Level, Leadership & Management

Signs are everywhere that the world may be evolving more quickly than PR is able to lead — or even respond. The gap between what organizations need from PR pros and what is available is widening.

In this session, presenters will summarize these signs from numerous sources, including LinkedIn groups, industry blogs, and press and journal articles and will share insights on how to reinvigorate your role, career and leadership methods in order to close the gap.

PRSA’s leadership initiative integrates “the new mindsets of professionalism” with skill sets that add scope, rigor, clarity and meaning to communication and relationship-building. This webinar introduces you to these new ways of thinking, and offers you the opportunity to provide your own insights on how to make it work.

This session will provide you with key findings and results on:

  • A renewed belief in the ability to make a difference and see it happen.
    Learn how you can become more valuable and relevant to business operations and success by doing what you do best — building effective communication and relationship networks between business functions and organizations.
  • How to prove the value of your work through measurement and logic.
    The goal is not to be measured, but to do a better job and become more valuable to your organization.
  • Increasing the demand for public relations and communication leaders.
    By the nature of the role, PR leaders must have a bias for results and be able to see the bigger picture. These are two of the new professional mindsets; there are five more.
  • Part 2 of 3 in this series will introduce the Power of Professionalism, and how it applies to PR.


    Michael Kelly, SNCR Fellow, CEO, GigaMarketing/GigaCommunication

    Bill Wiersma, founder and principal, Wiersma and Associates, LLC.

    Photo of Bill Wiersma Wiersma is author of the highly acclaimed books "The Power of Professionalism — The Seven Mind-Sets That Drive Performance and Build Trust" and “The Big AHA-Breakthroughs in Resolving and Preventing Workplace Conflict,” He previously was a director in a Fortune 200 organization, and was a board member and president of a privately held technology company focused on emerging markets. His consulting work includes Fortune 1000 organizations, as well as organizations in the professional services sector.

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