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Communication Strategy: Public Relations Training

Courses cover key concepts and techniques of effective public relations, including strategic thinking, proactive planning and improved relationship building. Subtopics include audience identification, campaign development, message development and integrated communications.

March 10–11, 2015 | Conference | Washington, D.C.
Attend the only annual training event for speechwriters and executive communicators. Newbie or veteran, you'll learn the latest techniques, find inspiration and rub shoulders with the best in the business.
Drive PR, Social Media and Marketing
March 12, 2015 | Webinar, On-Demand Available March 19
Far from overt company messaging or traditional advertising, content marketing builds brand awareness, loyalty and trust by asking what an audience’s needs are as consumers, and what they value as individuals. Learn how to identify content that will resonate with your audience, and drive engagement and interest in your company and products.
Featured Presenter:
Learn How to Implement Multi-Channel Strategies and Synchronize Tactics for Maximum Impact
March 17, 2015 | Webinar, On-Demand Available March 24
Achieving synergy in your IMC campaigns can be challenging; you must understand how to choose the best approach, the best messaging channels and the best combinations of tactics for maximum results. Learn how to select the best messaging channels for your objectives and synchronize linked tactics.
Photo of Bonnie Harris
Featured Presenter:
Health Academy
The Strategy Behind Public Health and Regulatory Activities
March 19, 2015 | Section Webinar, On-Demand Available March 26
In this session, you will review a series of case studies that illustrate how the FDA formulates its communications strategy, and how the agency employs a range of tools and approaches to reach various stakeholders.
Featured Presenter:
Kathleen Quinn
Key Concepts and Techniques of Effective Public Relations
April 8–9, 2015 | Course | San Francisco, Calif.
Gain a clear understanding of public relations and communications concepts and techniques through lectures, case study presentations, discussions and group exercises. Examine the theory and practice of major issues facing the profession.
Photo of Robin Schell, APR, Fellow PRSA
Featured Presenter:
Approaches for Improved Integration
April 23–24, 2015 | Conference | New York, N.Y.
The Strategic Collaboration Conference features actionable approaches to leveraging the strength of public relations, marketing, branding and advertising, while bridging internal silos to achieve more profound results.
Gaining and Maintaining Consent
April 28, 2015 | Webinar, On-Demand Available May 5
Because community decision-making is always values-driven, you have to build trust and confidence by addressing concerns and core values while avoiding fatal strategies that minimize, trivialize, ignore or belittle those values.
Planning Campaigns Across Multiple Platforms to Achieve Synergy and Success
June 18–19, 2015 | Course | New York, N.Y.
Evolving trends in marketing, media and advertising have created a need for communication campaigns that are synchronized across multiple platforms. Learn how to create an actionable Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) strategy and how to implement that strategy for the strongest results possible.
Photo of Bonnie Harris
Featured Presenter:
Working Smarter in the Ever-Changing Communications Landscape
Sept. 18, 2015 | Course | Arlington, Va.
Thanks to the speed of the information age, business communicators in the second decade of the new millennium are grappling with having to function in a rapidly-changing landscape.
Photo of Shonali Burke, ABC
Featured Presenter:
Connect Relevance to Growth and Performance
On-Demand Webinar
Why do some people love one brand more than another when both stores sell the same stuff? It’s relevance. Learn how to develop a brand strategy that is relevant and appeals more strongly to your market.
Photo of Andrea Coville
Featured Presenter:
Ensure Consistent and Continuous Improvement
On-Demand Webinar
One of the greatest challenges in our profession is proving the value of public relations. Learn the best approaches to guarantee that public relations is positively affecting an organization, and that it has the feedback required to improve performance over time.
Photo of Mark Weiner
Featured Presenter:
A Fun, Fearless Approach to Corporate Storytelling
On-Demand Webinar
Hear how you can bring consumer engagement to the forefront of digital corporate communications strategy by becoming a fun and fearless corporate storyteller, creating shared value, establishing open dialogue with consumers, and utilizing social syndication.
Featured Presenter:
How Brands Successfully Culture-Jack the Big Moments
On-Demand Webinar
Take advantage of national headlines with approaches to confidently loosen rigid planning processes and respond to risk-averse leadership.
Featured Presenter:
Inspiring Your Staff and Supporters to Love Your Brand
On-Demand Webinar
“The Passion Conversation” is about how to get people to fall passionately and madly in love with your organization or cause. Learn how loving your customers results in not just building a thriving community, but also driving meaningful conversations and ultimately impacting the financial success of a business
Photo of Geno Church
Featured Presenter:
Understanding the Basics
On-Demand Webinar
Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) is an often-misunderstood practice within the marketing, media and advertising industries. IMC is a simple concept that ensures that all marketing tools are carefully integrated so that they work together for stronger results — and public relations professionals are usually at the apex of it all.
Photo of Bonnie Harris
Featured Presenter:
A Blueprint for Efficient Problem Solving
On-Demand Webinar
Learn how Compression Planning (CP) can take a diverse group from the idea to the outcome, as well as the items you need to create your own CP process. You’ll gain practical, hands-on experience to help you solve actual business problems.
Global Affairs Committee
Public Relations Writ Large
On-Demand Webinar
“Public diplomacy” can certainly be considered as one of the applications of the core principles of our profession to improving international harmony. Public diplomacy experts discuss how the profession can manifest its higher-calling principles by contributing to the building of a fully functional, harmonious global society.
Corporate Communications Section
The Role of Corporate Communications
On-Demand Webinar
As the number of communications platforms continues to grow, companies are becoming increasingly proficient in engaging with communities while developing and curating the type of content that fuels customer and brand loyalty. Learn how to activate a program, and how team members collaborate and relate.
Featured Presenter:
Association/Nonprofit Section
Leverage the Combined Power of Traditional and Social Media Outlets
On-Demand Section Webinar
Research has shown that nonprofit organizations that have taken time to develop a narrative around their missions and programs have seen positive results in terms of donations, volunteer recruitment and attracting new clients. Storytelling can easily be incorporated into traditional communication practices, as well as social media platforms.
Counselors Academy
Killer PR Case Studies From Agency Leaders
On-Demand Section Webinar
A panel of agency leaders has been assembled by the PRSA Counselors Academy to present award-winning case studies that showcase innovative PR campaigns. Learn firsthand how agencies push their clients outside the norm as a way to build campaigns that deliver results.
Learn the Discipline and Tools for Effective Message Development
On-Demand Webinar
Find the formula for creating compelling headlines, as well as explore a three-step process for developing stickier messages, memorable speeches, quotes and sound bites.


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