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Oct. 1-2 Thu.–Fri.

How to Think and Advise Management Strategically During Tough Situations and Crises
Oct. 1–2, 2015 | Course | New York, N.Y.

Categories: Crisis & Reputation, Executive Level

When the going gets tough, how strategic are you? Join senior communicators and communication managers in this two-day immersion session to expand your strategic skills.
James E. Lukaszewski, ABC, APR, Fellow PRSA, BEPS Member Emeritus; In-Person

Oct. 8 Thu.

Enhance and Grow Your Communications and Marketing Efforts
Oct. 8, 2015 | Course | New York, N.Y.

Categories: Social Media, Techniques & Tactics

You’ll learn about how to expand your use of LinkedIn as a networking and social media tool to generate awareness for your organization, build thought leadership for yourself or others (clients, company executives), network with influencers, attract employees, and much more. By learning how to better use one of the fastest growing social media platforms, you’ll gain insight into how to build the personal brands of individuals in your organization, as well as for yourself.
Photo of Stephen Dupont, APR
Featured Presenter:
Stephen Dupont, APR; In-Person

Oct. 8 Thu.

Counselors Academy
Expand Your Brand’s Reach and Impact
Oct. 8, 2015 | Section Webinar, On-Demand Available Oct. 15

Category: Communication Strategy

To survive and thrive in this new world, PR departments need to evolve fast. In this session, you’ll learn the tactics traditionally associated with marketing that will help you expand your brand's reach and impact, outpace competitors and turn your department into a power player within the organization.
Featured Presenter:
Mark Thabit; Live Online

Oct. 13 Tue.

Strategic Leveraging for Fundraising Success
Oct. 13, 2015 | Webinar, On-Demand Available Oct. 20

Category: Communication Strategy

In the new world of corporate gift giving, success comes from collaboration and co-branding to achieve mutual goals. During this webinar, attendees will learn to develop a clear vision of their fundraising goal and tips to engage sponsors by co-branding and adding value to their relationships.
Featured Presenter:
Cyndee Woolley, APR
Cyndee Woolley, APR; Live Online

Oct. 13 Tue.

Employee Communications Section
Oct. 13, 2015 | Interactive Discussion

Category: Crisis & Reputation

Dealing with a crisis is going to happen. How you respond internally is just as important as how you respond externally. Our speaker for this MIXer, Kristen Turley, APR, has dealt with flooding, a workplace fatality and several environmental issues in less than a year. Join us to learn a few simple tips to ensure your internal stakeholders become your biggest advocates during trying times.
Featured Presenter:
Kristen Turley, APR;

Oct. 15 Thu.

Defending Your Brand From Social Media Hijackers
Oct. 15, 2015 | Webinar, On-Demand Available Oct. 22

Category: Social Media

Sponsored by the PRSA Global Affairs Committee. Experts in the new crisis management techniques will discuss how corporations, NGOS, governments, celebrities and others can be subject to social media brandjacking, and how to regain control of the narrative around their brand.
Quentin Alistair Langley; Oliver S. Schmidt; Katerina Tsetsura, Ph.D.; Live Online

Oct. 20 Tue.

Reach Nonreaders and Draw Readers in With Microcontent
Oct. 20, 2015 | Webinar, On-Demand Available Oct. 27

Category: Techniques & Tactics

Learn how to use your display copy — headlines, links and subject lines — to pull readers into your copy, make your piece more inviting, and even communicate to flippers and skimmers.
Photo of Ann Wylie
Featured Presenter:
Ann Wylie; Live Online

Oct. 27-28 Tue.–Wed.

Oct. 27–28, 2015 | Course | Arlington, Va.

Category: Writing

The secret to reaching readers is to position your messages in your audience’s best interests. In this session, you’ll learn a four-step process for making your messaging more relevant, valuable and rewarding to your audience.
Photo of Ann Wylie
Featured Presenter:
Ann Wylie; In-Person

Oct. 27 Tue.

Technology Section
Oct. 27, 2015 | Interactive Discussion

Category: Techniques & Tactics

Join us for a discussion of how our panelists have learned to build value through change, and how that can help you turn risk into reward during periods of uncertainty. We’ll learn how Zebra Technologies regrouped and shifted their thinking to successfully work through the acquisition of Motorola’s enterprise business, and how PCTEL developed a working list of considerations as they pursued their M&A strategy.
Photo of Carolyn Dolezal
Featured Presenter:
Carolyn Dolezal; Debbie Murphy; Shawn Gaines;

Oct. 27 Tue.

Educators Academy
Keeping Up With the Latest Changes in Media Outreach in the Dramatically Changing Media Environment
Oct. 27, 2015 | Section Webinar, On-Demand Available Nov. 3

Category: Media Relations

Strategic communications is crucial, but most of your students’ entry-level roles will start with tactical assignments, including media outreach. So much of the art and science of media relations has changed in just the last few years, we’ve put together this opportunity to update your content on this important topic.
Michael Smart; Marcia DiStaso, Ph.D.; Live Online

Oct. 29 Thu.

Corporate Communications Section
Lead Your Corporation Into the Next Era of Effective Internal and External Communications
Oct. 29, 2015 | Section Webinar, On-Demand Available Nov. 5

Category: Communication Strategy

Corporate communications is undergoing significant change. Major influencers include the expanding global marketplace, shifting demographics, digital technology and other forces. In this webinar, you will learn the 10 most important needs that corporate communicators can address now to help give their firms an edge over the competition.
John Deveney, ABC, APR, Fellow PRSA; Michele E. Ewing, APR, Fellow PRSA; David L. Remund, Ph.D., APR, Fellow PRSA; Live Online

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