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Aug. 2

Independent Practitioners Alliance Section
An Independent Practitioners Alliance Section (IPA) Brown Bag Discussion
Aug. 2, 2012 | Interactive Discussion
Leadership & Management
What are some of the advantages of partnering with other independent public relations practitioners, or participating as a virtual partner to a larger firm to bolster their proposals or pitches? Invest an hour to advance your practice through this open forum, with several PRSA Independent Practitioners Alliance Section (IPA) members, who will lead the discussion on forming virtual partnerships and networks.
Photo of Natalie Ghidotti, APR
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On-Demand Webinar
Communication Strategy
Executive Level
Develop the connection between strategy development and execution using strategic communication.
Photo of Paul Argenti
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Aug. 9

A New Model for Activating Corporate Character & Authentic Advocacy
On-Demand Webinar
Leadership & Management
Leading companies are building a strong corporate character that encompasses the enterprise’s unique identity, its differentiating purpose, mission and values. Learn how to develop brand and reputation in the era of globalization and social media.

Aug. 14

Pairing Social Media with Traditional Communications Techniques
On-Demand Webinar
Social Media
What is the ideal mix between old and new media? Learn how top organizations are blending new with old media for more creative, exciting and results-bearing programs.
Photo of Mike McDougall, APR
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Employee Communications Section
An Employee Communications Section Brown Bag Discussion
Aug. 14, 2012 | Interactive Discussion
Techniques & Tactics
Join us in a group discussion where we’ll reveal our pain points, commiserate and share advice about Intranets as engagement tools. Together we’ll work to tame the Intranet dragon and create useful communications tools for our companies and clients.
Photo of Nancy Syzdek, APR
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Aug. 15

Aug. 15–18, 2012 | Course | New York, N.Y.
Accreditation Preparation & Maintenance
Designed to provide a setting that will meet the needs of busy professionals, this four-day intensive helps to prepare and advance candidates though the Readiness Review™ and take the computer-based APR Examination.

Aug. 21

Association/Nonprofit Section
Strategies for Empowering Your Members
On-Demand Section Webinar
Communication Strategy
Hear strategies for empowering stakeholders to promote a common message to increase public awareness and action in measurable ways. Discover how to integrate your entire membership/supporter base into a campaign championed by one member/supporter.

Aug. 23

Building a Foundation for Effective Communications
On-Demand Webinar
Techniques & Tactics
How can you put key messages to work? Learn a five-step system for preparing strategic messages.
Photo of Debbie Wetherhead
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Aug. 28

Learn to Identify Crisis-causing Risks and How Your Crisis Plan Can Pass Seven Powerful Tests
On-Demand Webinar
Crisis & Reputation
Learn to identify crisis-causing risks and exposures; the crisis plan components most plans miss, but must have; and how to avoid, anticipate and pre-empt the mistakes and errors that cause response failure.


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