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In-Person Public Relations Training

June 3 Wed.

How to Develop Rapport and Become a Valued Resource
June 3, 2015 | Course | New York, N.Y.

Category: Media Relations

A strong media relationship can lead to your becoming the go-to person in your industry or area of expertise. Learn how to identify and choose the media outlets that matter most to you.
Photo of Michael Smart
Featured Presenter:
Michael Smart; In-Person

June 4 Thu.

Winning Over Journalists and Bloggers in the New Media Landscape
June 4, 2015 | Course | New York, N.Y.

Category: Media Relations

Learn intensely practical tips that will instantly boost your media and blog coverage including eight “story boosters” that turn ordinary news into stories journalists crave and four proven formulas for winning email pitch subject lines.
Photo of Michael Smart
Featured Presenter:
Michael Smart; In-Person

June 5 Fri.

Writing for Digital Readers
June 5, 2015 | Course | New York, N.Y.

Categories: Techniques & Tactics, Writing

Whether you write email, policy statements, customer service letters, proposals or complex requests to management, you will gain the insight and techniques you need to distinguish your writing.
Photo of Ken O’Quinn
Featured Presenter:
Ken O’Quinn; In-Person

June 8-9 Mon.–Tue.

June 8–9, 2015 | Conference | Aurora, Colo.
Attend this conference to learn the best, latest visual storytelling techniques. See how to create powerful images. Watch visual masters build an irresistible social-visual communications strategy. Steal their best ideas. Become the go-to visual communicator for your organization!

June 14-17 Sun.–Wed.

Distilling the Power of PR — Strategies, Tactics and Relationships That Are Full Proof
June 14–17, 2015 | Conference | Lexington, Ky.
Designed for travel and hospitality communicators, the Travel and Tourism Conference features essential information, to put your career and organization on the fast track for success, including nimble approaches to help make the most of your staff, budget and time.

June 18-19 Thu.–Fri.

Planning Campaigns Across Multiple Platforms to Achieve Synergy and Success
June 18–19, 2015 | Course | New York, N.Y.

Categories: Communication Strategy, Executive Level

Evolving trends in marketing, media and advertising have created a need for communication campaigns that are synchronized across multiple platforms. Learn how to create an actionable Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) strategy and how to implement that strategy for the strongest results possible.
Photo of Bonnie Harris
Featured Presenter:
Bonnie Harris; In-Person

July 29-30 Wed.–Thu.

July 29–30, 2015 | Course | San Francisco, Calif.

Category: Writing

Bring your messages to life with advanced storytelling techniques from Ann Wylie. For this dynamic writing workshop, bring your laptop and a story to work on, then leave with a totally rewritten piece.
Photo of Ann Wylie
Featured Presenter:
Ann Wylie; In-Person

July 30-31 Thu.–Fri.

July 30–31, 2015 | Conference | Mountain View, Calif.

Categories: Communication Strategy, Social Media

Hear the latest approaches on brand journalism and content marketing from professionals at organizations, including Citi, Electronic Arts, Ford, Google, IBM, Intel, LinkedIn, Ogilvy Worldwide, Tyson Foods and more.

Aug. 4-5 Tue.–Wed.

Aug. 4–5, 2015 | Conference | Chicago, Ill.

Category: Writing

If you want to craft copy that sings, soars and sells — whether via speeches, news releases, corporate announcements, position papers, PowerPoints, social media posts or even media pitches — then this is one intensive seminar that you and your team can’t afford to miss.

Sept. 17 Thu.

Writing and Speaking With Words That Resonate
Sept. 17, 2015 | Course | Chicago, Ill.

Categories: Crisis & Reputation, Writing

Many media interviews and spokespeople are ineffective due to one reason — their key messages fail to resonate with audiences. Come ready to write and speak as you are introduced to new methods of writing and delivering key messages.
Photo of Gerard Braud
Featured Presenter:
Gerard Braud; In-Person

Sept. 18 Fri.

Working Smarter in the Ever-Changing Communications Landscape
Sept. 18, 2015 | Course | Arlington, Va.

Categories: Communication Strategy, Social Media

Thanks to the speed of the information age, business communicators in the second decade of the new millennium are grappling with having to function in a rapidly-changing landscape.
Photo of Shonali Burke, ABC
Featured Presenter:
Shonali Burke, ABC; In-Person

Sept. 25 Fri.

Best Practices for Using Visual Storytelling Tactics in Your News Releases
Sept. 25, 2015 | Course | New York, N.Y.

Categories: Branding, Media Relations, Techniques & Tactics

Visual storytelling done well increases engagement, explains and summarizes complex information, speeds up comprehension, tugs the heartstrings and motivates action. This is why visuals are now at the heart of brand identity and content creation to a greater degree than ever before. This seminar will discuss tactics for creating and sharing highly branded, engaging and transferable media-facing assets.
Photo of Malayna Evans Williams, Ph.D.
Featured Presenter:
Malayna Evans Williams, Ph.D.; In-Person

Oct. 1-2 Thu.–Fri.

How to Think and Advise Management Strategically During Tough Situations and Crises
Oct. 1–2, 2015 | Course | New York, N.Y.

Categories: Crisis & Reputation, Executive Level

When the going gets tough, how strategic are you? Join senior communicators and communication managers in this two-day immersion session to expand your strategic skills.
James E. Lukaszewski, ABC, APR, Fellow PRSA; In-Person

Oct. 8 Thu.

Enhance and Grow Your Communications and Marketing Efforts
Oct. 8, 2015 | Course | New York, N.Y.

Categories: Social Media, Techniques & Tactics

You’ll learn about how to expand your use of LinkedIn as a networking and social media tool to generate awareness for your organization, build thought leadership for yourself or others (clients, company executives), network with influencers, attract employees, and much more. By learning how to better use one of the fastest growing social media platforms, you’ll gain insight into how to build the personal brands of individuals in your organization, as well as for yourself.
Featured Presenter:
Stephen Dupont, APR; In-Person

Oct. 27-28 Tue.–Wed.

Oct. 27–28, 2015 | Course | Arlington, Va.

Category: Writing

The secret to reaching readers is to position your messages in your audience’s best interests. In this session, you’ll learn a four-step process for making your messaging more relevant, valuable and rewarding to your audience.
Photo of Ann Wylie
Featured Presenter:
Ann Wylie; In-Person

Nov. 8-10 Sun.–Tue.

Nov. 8–10, 2015 | Conference | Atlanta, Ga.
Designed by communicators for communicators to increase ROI, the PRSA International Conference offers practical insight and networking for public relations professionals of all career levels, sectors, work environments and industries. Demonstrating value with actionable best practices is what drives the PRSA community and is the focus of this annual event.

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