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“As an active member of the Thoroughbred Chapter since 1982 (OMG! Has it been that long?), it’s easy for me to talk about how our chapter serves PRSA members during every phase of their professional lives. It’s where I first found experienced practitioners to talk to about my career with; where I saw people I wanted to emulate. It’s been a great source of referrals for our consulting business and, just as important, it’s opened doors to friendships with some of the most fun and supportive people in the community. I’ve always relied on the chapter to help me grow in the profession, and now it helps me keep from growing stale. I invite you to come to a meeting and consider joining. It’s an investment in your present and your future.”

- Nancy M. Wiser, APR, Fellow, PRSA, principal, Wiser, Hemlepp & Associates

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