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Online Webinars and Brown Bag Discussions

Join PRSA’s Independent Practitioners Alliance (IPA) for brown bag discussions, virtual roundtables where participants learn about best practices on topics of interest to independent practitioners.

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Building Your Business Through Alliances [Featured Podcast]
Wondering how to maintain your independence and still pursue bigger projects than you can tackle on your own? Julie Dennehy, APR, discusses how independent practitioners can create an alliance with other specialists and team up to pitch business together. During her presentation, Dennehy shares advice about the entire process from identifying potential partners to managing the projects once the business is landed.

Consultant to Classroom; Practitioner to Professor [IPA Brown Bag Discussion]
Teaching at your local university can offer a bevy of benefits for the independent PR practitioner, including extra income, enhanced professional credibility and the rewards of working with future PR professionals. Many experienced consultants are unsure of what it takes to get the job, and then what it takes to do the job. During their presentation, Terri Lynn Johnson, APR, ABC, ABD, Dean Kazoleas, APR, Ph.D., Kirk Hazlett, APR, Fellow PRSA, and Joseph Trahan III, APR, Fellow PRSA, Ph.D., will share advice about gaining experience in the classroom and being an effective instructor.During their presentation, Johnson, Kazoleas, Hazlett and Trahan will share advice about gaining experience in the classroom, being an effective instructor and PRSA resources for new faculty, including the Learning to Teach initiative.

How to Succeed as an Independent Practitioner and Still Have a Life: Learn Tips for Making Life as an Owner Easy [Featured Podcast]
Too many independent practitioners work hard and yet spin their wheels. Many are only a few minor adjustments away from real success. Learn proven strategies and step-by-step approaches that can make the difference between just getting by with your business and succeeding. Bill Collier teaches how to develop a business plan, get the right people on your team and keep them there and delegate effectively.  

Selling Your Value: How to Talk to Clients About Fees [IPA Brown Bag Discussion]
Independent public relations practitioners may be adept at creating award-winning campaigns and delivering great results for clients, but when it comes to discussing our fees we suddenly become tongue-tied. Whether you’ve been on your own for a while or have recently launched your own public relations practice, it’s a challenge we all face. Join the Independent Practitioners Alliance for a lively discussion about a subject that admittedly makes many of us uncomfortable. Gain insights about fees from other independent practitioners to find out what works and what doesn’t. After our hour-long session, you’ll be much more confident about discussing hourly, project, and monthly retainer fees with your clients and prospective clients. This will be an open forum with several IPA members who will lead the discussion on how they have managed their compensation.
Please note that we will not be talking about setting prices or specific fees charged by independent practitioners, but rather how to discuss fees with clients.
Moderator: Mary Barber, APR, Fellow PRSA

Growing Your Client Base and Revenue through Virtual Partnerships [IPA Brown Bag Discussion]
What are some of the advantages of partnering with other independent public relations practitioners, or participating as a virtual partner to a larger firm to bolster their proposals or pitches? More importantly, what are some of the things to be aware of before entering into a virtual partnership? Find out how to be on the A-list of independent public relations practitioners selected for potential partnerships, and learn from the success stories of those who have blended their skills and experience to effectively compete with traditional agencies. Invest an hour to advance your practice through this open forum, with several PRSA Independent Practitioners Alliance Section (IPA) members, who will lead the discussion on forming virtual partnerships and networks.
Moderator: Natalie Ghidotti, APR
Presenters: Kelly J. Davis, APR, Jennifer Heinly, MBA
and Marisa Vallbona, APR, Fellow PRSA

Secrets to Subcontracting [IPA Virtual Roundtable]
So you want to be a subcontractor for a larger agency? The qualities necessary for your success may not be those you’d expect. Join the PRSA Independent Practitioners Alliance (IPA)  for a virtual roundtable on what agencies look for when outsourcing work to independent practitioners and how to be a sub-contractor selected for repeat assignments. Ashley Harris, account supervisor with Mitchell Communications Group, will discuss the Virtual Work Environment model used by various government agencies, PR firms, and advertising agencies. Harris will also offer insight into how agencies assess more than skill sets when choosing subcontractors, in particular why your personality profile may determine your success as a subcontractor, ways a successful agency-subcontractor relationship can empower subcontractors with tools, training and information to serve each client effectively and how an organizational process assists in efficiently meeting client and agency goals and objectives.

Networking for New Business: Online and Offline Skills for Independent Practitioners [IPA Webinar]
Networking to build new business, whether online or in-person, is a skill that independent practitioners need to perfect in order to stay competitive in today’s challenging market. Our traditional networking expert Hank Blank and online networking strategist Michael Gass will provide specific strategies and tactics to achieve your goals, whether tapping new business leads, positioning your professional experience, or following-up with colleagues.  In particular, this webinar will provide insight on how to successfully integrate both approaches to drive your business forward. In this webinar, you will learn how to work industry events and create connections, leading to professional opportunities, build on referrals to garner more business, effectively direct communications and time management for social media, use blogs and Web sites to attract more contacts and integrate online and in-person networking into one cohesive approach.

International Conference Resources for Independent Practitioners

Beyond Solo Consulting:How to Effectively Build and Work with Project Teams, Subcontractors and Staff
Moderator: Jamie F. Meredith, CEO, The Meredith Group, Inc.
Heathere Evans-Keenan, APR, Founder, Keenan PR, Inc.
Katie Coates Ageson, APR, President, PR Projects

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