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PRSA Partner: Tufts University

PRSA Partner: Tufts University Friedman School Certificate and Graduate Degree Programs for PR Professionals

Tufts University’s Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy is the only independent school of nutrition in North American and is ranked at the top of forty-five US universities by the National Academies’ National Research Council for excellence in doctoral programs. The school offers online certificate programs and graduate degrees in realms of nutrition communications designed to provide expertise to and advance the careers of early- and mid-career nutrition professionals.

About the Nutrition Science and Communications for PR Professionals Certificate

Nutrition is a consistently hot news topic. Often public relations professionals take leading roles in interpreting research for readers. Concise messages from PR professionals are essential in helping consumers make positive lifestyle choices while helping agency clients attain business goals. Successful PR professionals have an understanding of the concepts and language of the science of nutrition, social media, and marketing within a nutrition communication context. The certificate program prepares students to create effective, informed communications. This online program allows students to bring the added value of their daily experiences into the virtual classroom to validate and improve both their field practice and their learning without disrupting active career and personal commitments.

The certificate program consists of the following three courses:

Foundations of Nutrition Science
To provide an understanding of basic nutrition science including: the principles of diet planning and government standards; the biological functions of the macro- and micronutrients; energy balance, weight control and physical activity; the role of nutrition in chronic diseases, nutrition throughout the life cycle, and contemporary nutrition-related issues.

Social Media Writing for a Nutrition Audience
The Internet is a powerful tool for communication, collaboration, and sharing of knowledge. It is these applications, Version 2.0 of the Internet that provides the framework supporting the transformative nature of the technology and its application to nutrition communication. This course acquaints students with new and emerging technologies for collaboration, dissemination, and communication and teaches students how to write effectively for online audiences in multiple contexts.

Nutrition-Related Consumer Marketing
The course is examines in depth the issues of consumer psychology, nutrition, and how they play out in a marketing context. The course will examine historical effectiveness of efforts by food companies, health advocacy organizations and governments aimed at improving nutritional habits. Students will gain an understanding consumer psychology and how to effect positive nutrition-related outcomes.

In addition to the certificate in communications for PR professionals, the school offers certificates in Applied Positive Deviance and Delivery Science in International Nutrition.

About the Master of Science in Nutrition Communication Program
The Master's Degree Program in Nutrition Communication is a two-year academic program offered in partnership with the Tufts Master's Program in Health Communication, in collaboration with the Emerson College School of Communication, Management and Public Policy. It is designed to prepare graduates for the growing job opportunities available to professionals trained to communicate sound nutrition information effectively. The program combines the expertise of Tufts' own internationally recognized faculty, the unique skills of health communication experts at Emerson College, and the enormous breadth of knowledge available across all the Tufts campuses with a wealth of opportunities for related work experience. Together, the combination of academic courses and practical experience prepares graduates for exciting and rewarding careers in which effective communication makes a difference.

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