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PR Stats and Industry Impact Reports

PRSA Study Shows Social Media and Writing Top Skills Needed Through 2020

What comes next? Do PR pros feel prepared to tackle unprecedented opportunities? A recent study, undertaken by PRSA in Spring 2016, showed that the majority of respondents are optimistic about their professional future and are continuing to evolve their skill sets to meet the changing landscape. Check out our topline findings:

Partner Research

PR Industry to Grow to Nearly $20 billion by 2020, According to USC Study

To capitalize on new opportunities, how are organizations responding? With increased headcount and growing budgets, according to the USC Annenberg 2016 Global Communications Report.

From strategy and content to creativity and measurement – report respondents agreed that more will be expected from communicators.

Public Relations Journal Articles

Turf Warfare Continues Over Digital and Social Media

Who should own digital and social media? In the article, “Integrated Influence? Exploring Public Relations Power in Integrated Marketing Communication,” the role of public relations professionals is examined along with how influence may be tied to participation in an organization’s top decision-making body.

Academic Surveys

No Pain, No Gain? What Work-life Balance Looks Like Now

With an ever-present mobile in hand, today’s public relations professional is busier than ever. Are professionals addressing this new normal as an opportunity for enrichment or conflict? The PRSA 2015 Work Life Gender Survey demonstrates.

  • Check out the findings of the survey.

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