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Sunday, November 8, 2009 3:00 p.m. - 4:15 p.m.

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Track 1: Innovative Strategies

Sponsored by: Corporate Section
Working at the Speed of “New”: Secrets for Conquering (and Surviving) the 24-Second News Cycle
Michael L. McDougall, APR, vice president, corporate communications and public affairs, Bausch & Lomb
McDougall, VP, Corporate Communications & Public Affairs, Bausch + Lomb

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In this age of always-on, "gimme more" communication, the 24-hour news cycle has given way to the 24-second tweet cycle. Learn how to profit from this media maelstrom, with best practices on integrating new social media tools


High-Stakes Consequences in a Low-trust Environment: Lessons Learned From Guantanamo Bay’s Battle of Reputation
Lt. Commander Brook DeWalt, APR, public affairs chief, Joint Task Force, GTMO Bay, U.S. Navy
Lt. Colonel Ann Peru Knabe, APR, public affairs officer, Pentagon War Court spokeswoman, U.S. Air Force Reserve; public relations and communications instructor, University of Wisconsin
Tara Jones, director, external affairs, Office of Detainee Policy

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Where do you start when an organization's reputation is so badly damaged, it's almost impossible to change? Learn public relations survival tactics from three public affairs officers assigned to Guantanamo Bay and the Detainee War Court for the Office of Military Commissions. By examining the GTMO case study, attendees will discover overarching themes that can be applied to military or civilian organizations seeking self-preservation during difficult challenges of reputation.


Track 2: Effective Tactics & Techniques

Leverage the Power of Pull: How to Make Your Brand More Digitally Discoverable
Gary Goldhammer, vice president for Interactive Solutions, Edelman Digital
Jay Krall, Manager, Internet Media Research, Cision US, Inc.

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Bloggers are more likely to talk about you if they discover your content organically, rather than through an e-mail pitch. Call it the “power of pull.” But search engine optimization isn’t just about lists of key words. It’s about creating powerful blog posts, videos, white papers, microsites and other content that can’t help but get discovered because it’s inherently interesting. Learn how to ensure your clients are “findable” online and gain concrete tips for creating fresh content that takes on a life of its own.

Inside Comic-Con: Engage on the Edge
David Glanzer, director, marketing and public relations, Comic-Con

San Diego is home to Comic-Con International, the largest comic book and popular arts convention. Hear how the show stays on the edge, speaks to a growing global community and continues to be a sell-out. Learn how to market a global consumer conference. Explore ways to work with global, national and regional media to keep things fresh and relevant, and their interest engaged enough to come back annually.

Track 3: Specialization & Practice Areas

Sponsored by: Financial Communications Section
Managing Financial Communications in the Age of Restructuring, Crisis and Litigation
David Silver, APR, president, Silver Public Relations

In these unstable, litigious times, financial literacy is critical to an organization's reputation. This enlightening workshop unveils how to communicate a company's financials to Wall Street, the media and "Main Street." Gain a full understanding of the importance of acquiring financial literacy on an ongoing basis and working with the IR professionals in your organization. Also learn how to provide counsel to senior management on communicating financials.


Sponsored by: International Section
Mexico and the United States: Public Relations Realities, Pitfalls and Opportunities
Dr. Dean Kruckeberg, APR, Fellow PRSA, professor, University of North Carolina Charlotte; director of the Center for Global Relations
Magali Muria, research associate, University of California, San Diego
Marco Vinicio Herrera Berenguer, president, Grupo Public

With PRSA's 2009 International Conference being held in San Diego on the U.S.- Mexico border, there's no better time to address some of the most salient issues related to Mexico and its relationship to U.S. business, NGOs and overnments at all levels. Cultural sensitivity or protocol for public relations practitioners will not be discussed. However, societal trends, potential threats to, and opportunities for, practitioners' organizations will be examined. Also discussed will be public relations related to Mexican-Americans within the United States.


Track 4: The Business Case for Public Relations

A Focus on Social Values to Drive Business Results
Scott Beaudoin, senior vice president, director of cause marketing, MS&L
Jaya K. Bohlmann, vice president, public relations, corporate communication, Sodexo
Jayne O’Donnell, reporter, “Money,” USA TODAY; author of "Gen BuY: How Tweens, Teens and Twentysomethings are Revolutionizing Retail"

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2009 is the year of values and activism, a new era of cause marketing. This hands-on workshop reveals a unique approach to Cause 2.0 and teaches attendees how social activist marketing techniques can provide value, create socially responsible brands and deliver measurable business results in an increasingly competitive environment. Learn how to recognize the difference between marketing and corporate social responsibility, identifying and aligning with a relevant cause, and mobilizing influencer relationships for maximum impact.


Social Media Measurement: Establishing ROI
Katie D. Paine, CEO, KDPaine & Partners

This hands-on workshop is a must for any practitioner looking to improve their communications program. Take away social media measurement techniques including analysis of influence, correlations with traditional media measurement, understanding of reach and frequency in social media, and establishing ROI for social media. Leave with hands-on experience with a dozen or more social media measurement tools and an understanding of how to use them to improve your communications program. Attendees are encouraged to submit case studies to provide hands-on experience with these tools.


Sponsored by: Honors and Awards Committee
“Anvil Thinking”: The Route to Award-winning Work
Sean Curry, partner and CFO, C3 Communications
Sherry Goldman, president, Goldman Communications Group

Begin your award-winning public relations campaign with "Anvil Thinking." Learn how to maximize your campaign's impact by modeling your work after the "best of the best" — our Silver Anvil Award winners. Learn the secrets of success, including using research to develop clear objectives, creating a winning strategy and providing clear benchmarks for evaluation. You'll also learn how to prepare a Silver Anvil entry that gets noticed.


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