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Sunday, November 8, 2009 4:45 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.

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Track 1: Innovative Strategies

Looking Ahead: The Nexus of Social Media and Public Relations
Peter Himler, founder and principal, Flatiron Communications LLC
Rick Clancy, APR, senior vice president, corporate communication, Sony Electronics
David Bradfield, senior vice president and partner, Fleishman-Hillard New York
Rob Key, founder and CEO, Converseon
Lee Odden, CEO, TopRank Online Marketing

Where do news releases, media training, message development and the tenets of crisis management fit into the new world communications order? A panel of thought-leading professionals shares examples of successful social edia/public relations programs across a range of industries. Learn how to jump-start promising new media tools and channels in your organization and incorporate them with many of the core public relations skills you've honed over the years.


Wounded Warrior Care: Practical Applications in Strategic Communications
Robert T. Hastings, former assistant secretary of defense for public affairs

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How do you create effective public relations alliances between military, government, NGOs and civilian industry? How can an organization identify and address a core strategic issue through practical public relations? Get a revealing look at the strategic "action" the Department of Defense (DoD) Public Affairs initiated to address the downward spiral of confidence in the care provided to America's combat wounded. Hear how the emerging DoD Principles of Strategic Communications reversed perceptions by reinforcing the commitment of the Department's senior leadership and by focusing attention on the significant advances made in warrior care and military medicine.


Track 2: Effective Tactics & Techniques

Sticky Messaging for the Media
Andrew Gilman, CEO, CommCore Consulting Group

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Elevate your skills as you learn how to create memorable quotes and sound bites that survive an editor's pen or pique the curiosity of an online community moderator. Grasp how to use messaging tools such as the "Message Pyramid," "Messaging Mapping" and the "Strategic Message." Take the art and science of messaging to the next level by learning how to differentiate a sticky message from the status quo through case studies, video examples of sound bites and examination of in-class work.


Track 3: Specialization & Practice Areas

Sponsored by: Technology Section
Analog-Digital Wars: Traditional Media Fights to Remain Relevant
Henry P. Feintuch, president, Feintuch Communications, Inc.
Susan Dingenthal, new media consultant

Digital technology has accelerated a shakeout and transformation of the "old guard media." Get an in-depth look at the migration of traditional media to newer forms — with images and video examples presented — and the resulting business upheaval, as well as its impact on public relations practitioners and marketers. See and discuss specific evolutionary and revolutionary applications being developed by traditional media organizations and what they are doing to fight back.

Sponsored by: Independent Practitioners Alliance
Let’s Talk Business: Independent Practitioners Share Advice for New and Established PR Practices
Gayle L. Falkenthal, APR, president, Falcon Valley Group
Joan Gladstone, APR, Fellow PRSA, president, Gladstone International
Jennifer Heinly, president, J&J Consulting

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Considering starting an independent practice? Just went out on your own? This master class provides a roadmap for the growth and prosperity of your businesses. Topics include business structure, expectations, contracts and common mistakes to avoid. Already have an established independent public relations practice? Take your business to the next level with vital information on partnering, subcontracting and using assistants.


Track 4: The Business Case for Public Relations

Proving the Value of Public Relations (And Why So Many People Get It Wrong)
Mark F. Weiner, CEO, PRIME Research
Weiner, CEO, PRIME Research

"Values" are subjective and change from organization to organization, and from person to person within the same organization. How, then, do you prove the value of public relations? Using a proven method and providing research tools that can be implemented immediately, learn how to uncover and align the values of key executives to establish meaningful, low-risk objectives and high-yield returns. Three case studies will illustrate the differences in "value" and "ROI," and how leading companies are using public relations to drive sales and do more with less, for less.

Häagen-Dazs Loves Honey Bees: Let’s Lick This Problem
Dave Chapman, partner and director, Ketchum West
Diane McIntyre, senior public relations manager, Häagen-Dazs Brand

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Stung by stagnating sales and perceived as unapproachable, a beloved ice cream brand recognized it had lost relevance with consumers. Meanwhile, a little-understood environmental problem was threatening 40 percent of its all-natural flavors and our entire food supply. Discover how the brand used the power of buzz to educate consumers about the environmental challenge. Discuss how to develop continuous program initiatives to generate sustainable buzz for your brand. Learn the importance of choosing the right cause for your brand — and the right partners.


Sponsored by: PR Journal
Trends in Public Relations Research: The Best of PR Journal
Donald K. Wright, Ph.D., APR, Fellow PRSA, professor of public relations, Boston University

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The Public Relations Journal, published quarterly by the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA), facilitates the transfer of knowledge from the educational community to the professional community. Join a stimulating discussion on the trends in public relations research and an in depth look into what a panel of experts considers to be the five best articles published in the PR Journal from the Fall of 2007 through the Winter of 2009:
Triangular Communications: The Who, Why and How
Lou C. Williams, ABC, chairman, L.C. Williams & Associates; and David M. Dozier, Ph.D., professor of public relations, School of Journalism and Media Studies, San Diego State University
The Application of "Best Practices" in Public Relations Measurement and Evaluation Systems
David Michaelson, Ph.D., president, Echo Research; and Sandra Macleod, CEO, Echo Research, London
Designing an Employee-Centered Intranet and Measuring Its Impact on Employee Voice and Satisfaction
Bethe Spurlock, director of marketing and public relations, North Hills Hospital; and Julie O'Neil, Ph.D., associate professor, Strategic Communication Division, Schieffer School of Journalism, Texas Christian University
Measuring the Relationship Between Organizational Transparency and Employee Trust
Brad L. Rawlins, Ph.D., associate chair, Department of Journalism, Department of Communication, Brigham Young University
How Much Does My Baby Cost? An Analysis of Gender Differences in Income, Career Interruption and Child Bearing
David M. Dozier, Ph.D., professor of public relations, San Diego State University; Bey-Ling Sha, Ph.D., APR, assistant professor of public relations, San Diego State University; and Masako Okura, executive, Gavin Anderson & Company, Japan


A Match Made in ROI Heaven: How Together PR and Advertising Can Yield Maximum Results
Angela Jeffrey, APR, vice president, editorial research, VMS
Gary Getto, vice president, VMS

Research shows that a strategic mix of integrated communications — PR, social media and paid advertising — has a direct influence on improved business outcomes. It’s a whole new way to show PR’s value, with big bucks at the other end, for those in the know! Learn how to capture a bigger piece of the marketing and advertising budget pie for the best possible results.

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