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Monday, November 9, 2009 10:15 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.

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Track 1: Innovative Strategies

Social Media: Learn From the Armed Forces and Associations How to Leverage Technology to Meet Strategic Communication Goals During a Down-Sized Economy
Al Krueger, president, Comet Branding
Larry Clavette, director of Air Force Public Affairs Agency
Colonel Rudy Burwell, director, Army Reserve Communications, Army Reserve

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Think your target audience isn't right for FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn or YouTube? Think again. Some of the most "conservative" industries in America have caught on to social media. Learn how to identify appropriate online strategies and tactics for industries that normally wouldn't consider using social media, and how the military and other federal government agencies are leveraging sophisticated technology to meet their strategic communication goals during an economic downturn.


What’s the Future of Communications?
Maria Darby, vice president, Booz Allen Hamilton

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Get an in-depth look at an industry-wide survey on public relations. What are the top three challenges to applying public relations to our clients' biggest issues? What are the top opportunities? What strategies create the biggest impact? Take away a greater understanding of what lies ahead in the communications arena.

Track 2: Effective Tactics & Techniques

Barack Obama: A Case Study in Public Relations and the Citizens’ Campaign
Michael Smith, CEO and founder, Michael Smith Business Development; executive vice president, client services, Nielsen Neurofocus Research

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Barack Obama's presidential campaign was "game changing" in terms of public relations, social media outreach and fundraising. Get an inside look at the impact viral communications can have on a presidential campaign, presented by a volunteer public relations professional who served as a citizen journalist and political organizer on the Obama campaign. Learn how to use surrogate spokespersons from disparate backgrounds, as well as Twitter, Facebook, video blogs, podcasts and LinkedIn to motivate and organize the public.

People Are the Killer App: How to Grow Word-of-Mouth Movements With Your Brand Fans
Geno Church, word-of-mouth inspiration officer, Brains on Fire

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What does it take to build a movement of loud and proud brand ambassadors? More social media applications? Faster technology? Learn the seven lessons on how brands can build and grow a movement, starting with how to treat people like fans, not customers, and how to allow fans to share brand ownership. Learn the difference between a movement and a campaign, as well as how to measure ROI on a word-of-mouth program.

Help Google Find Your Releases: Top 10 Search Engine Optimization Tactics for Public Relations Professionals
Lee Odden, CEO, TopRank Online Marketing

Nine out of 10 journalists, reporters and editors use search engines to do their jobs, according to a recent survey by TopRank Online Marketing. In this environment, public relations professionals must understand the ins and outs of search engine optimization (SEO). Find out how to choose the best key words, optimize your newsroom and press releases, build better links and sell SEO to decision makers. Plus, you'll learn the No. 1 SEO tactic to implement today.

Track 3: Specialization & Practice Areas

Sponsored by: Corporate Social Responsibilty Section
Sustainability and CSR: Is Your Company Communicating the Right Thing?
Moderator: Joe Sibilia, founder and CEO, CSRwire
Pamela Bonney, director, Government & Corporate Affairs, HP
Lynnette McIntire, director, Corporate Reputation Management, UPS
David Constable, corporate vice president, Energy, Environment, Safety & Health, Lockheed Martin

Learn how four large, publicly visible companies communicate to their publics about CSR, sustainability and green initiatives and see how your organization compares. Are you using the right language or have the concepts behind the terms changed? Hear company representatives’ insights about the role of social networking and whether it’s even more important for CSR initiatives than other areas. Also learn how they respond to critics and the challenges they have in their efforts to do the right thing.


Sponsored by: Health Academy
Sphere of Influence of Key Opinion Leaders in Health Care Social Media
Kyung Han, partner, EmPower Research LLC
Rachelle Spero, senior vice president, digital media practice, Cohn & Wolfe

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How do you capitalize on the growing social media trend? Attendees will learn how to identify and leverage key influential bloggers (KIBs) to achieve increased sales and meet marketing goals. Also learn how to identify and track the trendsetters for your specific markets, and gauge the sentiments around health care products and services in the social media space.

Track 4: The Business Case for Public Relations

Building a Case for Public Relations
MaryLee Sachs, Chairman, U.S., Hill & Knowlton, Inc.
Robert T. Hastings, former assistant secretary of defense for public affairs
Michael G. Cherenson, APR, PRSA chair & CEO, executive vice president, Success Communications Group
Michael L. McDougall, APR, vice president, corporate communications and public affairs, Bausch & Lomb
David Rockland, APR, partner and managing director, Global Research and Interactive Communications, Ketchum
Arthur Yann, vice president, Public Relations, PRSA

When someone asks, "What do you do for a living?" can you explain it clearly and concisely? Are you frustrated by references that equate public relations to publicity? Do you correct those who refer to our craft as "spin," our professionals as "flacks," and our currency as "misrepresentation" and "disinformation"? More so than ever before, the perception and comprehension of public relations are suffering. At the same time, public relations is more vital than ever before, given the explosion of consumer engagement through new and social media, the collapse of reputation and trust in major institutions, and the evolving needs and concerns of corporate CEOs. To foster more accurate and better-informed internal and external perceptions of public relations' roles, outcomes and value, PRSA is spearheading "The Business Case for Public Relations," an industry advocacy campaign aimed at changing attitudes and driving industry acceptance and growth. Hear from some of the industry leaders responsible for helping PRSA shape this campaign discuss its relevance, importance, and benefits to the public relations profession and professional, and how you can get involved.

Public Relations Research Showcase Presentations

Expect lively dialogue at these roundtables. Discussions change every 15 minutes, covering the most popular papers presented at the International Public Relations Research Conference held yearly in Miami, Fla.:

Moderator: Don W. Stacks, Ph.D., professor, University of Miami

Role modeling in public relations: The influence of role models on practitioner beliefs about excellent leadership
Bruce K. Berger, professor and chairman, Department of Advertising and Public Relations, University of Alabama; and William Heyman, CEO, Heyman Associates, Inc.

Maximizing applied and academic research outcomes: A case study in public relations and public health collaboration
Elizabeth K. Dougall, assistant professor, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

Public relations professionals use of social media: Creating and transfers of social capital
Vincent Hazleton, APR, Fellow PRSA, professor, Radford University

Doing measurement right: One organization's experience creating a best-in-class measurement program from scratch
Mark R. Phillips, APR, vice president communications, USO; and Katie D. Paine, CEO, KDPaine & Partners

Identity vs. survival: Communicating with employees while adjusting to the changing business environment
Bey-Ling Sha, Ph.D., APR, associate professor, San Diego State University; and Catherine Ahles, APR, Fellow PRSA, senior vice president, marketing and business development, Premier Aircraft Sales, Inc.

An analysis of the increasing impact of social and other new media on public relations practice
Donald K. Wright, Ph.D., APR, Fellow PRSA, professor, Boston University; and Michelle Hinson, director development, Institute for Public Relations

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