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Monday, November 9, 2009 2:00 p.m. - 3:15 p.m.

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Track 1: Innovative Strategies

The Best in Buzz: A Review of Social Media and Other Creative Strategies Used in Some of the Best Holistic Marketing PR Campaigns
Daryl R. McCullough, CEO, PainePR
Daniel Lemin, director, social media, PainePR
Craig Howe, CEO, RocketXL
McCullough, CEO, PainePR

Social media strategies and other creative new tactics are fast becoming business as usual. The "Holy Grail," however, is achieved when social media campaigns are seamlessly integrated with other strategies. Learn how to leverage new creative strategies to extend the reach and relevance of brandbuilding public relations programs. Witness a variety of real-life social and new media case studies that will inspire a "search and reapply" mind-set, and gain an understanding of what marketing executives are looking for in comprehensive public relations programs.

Career Strategies
T.L. McCreary, rear admiral, U.S. Navy, retired; president,; vice president, Monster Worldwide

Worried that your military public relations skills won't translate to the public sector? Concerned that a military practitioner can't handle the demands of a non-governmental job? Learn the problems, challenges and misperceptions of transition from both the military seeker and the civilian employer. Discover how skills from the military translate to the public sector.


Track 2: Effective Tactics & Techniques

Winning in the Court of Law and in the Court of Public Opinion: Litigation Communications and the PR Professional
Lori Teranishi, chief operating officer, Van Prooyen Greenfield LLP
Joe Carberry, president, western region, MS&L Worldwide
Maggie T. Watkins, chief marketing officer, Best Best & Krieger LLP

In today's media-saturated world, companies involved in litigation have to worry about their reputation in the court of public opinion. Major corporations and their public relations teams often seek out the expertise of outside litigation communications counsel to manage public perceptions. Through case studies and real-world examples, this workshop will introduce public relations professionals to effective and successful strategies for dealing with the legal aspects of high-profile crisis management. Also learn how to ensure that public/media relations complements, enhances and supports legal strategies.

Crisis Communications: What Public Relations Practitioners Can Learn from the Military
Lt. Colonel Ann Peru Knabe, APR, public affairs officer, Pentagon War Court spokeswoman, U.S. Air Force Reserve; public relations and communications instructor, University of Wisconsin
Col. Dan Baggio, director of public affairs for Joint Force Headquarters, National Capital Region, and the U.S. Army Military District of Washington
Lt. Commander Charles Brown, public affairs officer, U.S. Navy

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With thousands of lives at stake every day, the Department of Defense has honed crisis response to a science. This team of military public affairs experts offers practical public relations lessons learned from recent case studies, including the Abu Ghraib prison scandal and Hurricane Katrina crisis. Learn how to think outside of the box when faced with difficult decisions, limited assets and unknown threats or opportunities that occur during crisis. Identify strategic communications tactics that will help your organization's people and reputation survive unforeseen challenges in the 21st century.


Social Media: Welcoming Employees to the Global Conversation
Alan Scott, senior vice president and chief marketing officer, Dow Jones & Co.

Traditionally, public relations professionals have attempted to control all the messages its organization communicates. While the thought of employees participating in the blogosphere is somewhat scary, the "conversation" is absolutely necessary to your brand. Learn how employees can successfully join the global conversation and empower your business. Explore ways to engage the influential within and outside your organization, and to analyze the impact of your communication strategies.

Track 3: Specialization & Practice Areas

Integrating New/Social Media into Your Health Care Organization’s Public Relations: How to Satisfy Your Regulatory and Legal Departments and Still be Credible
Betsy Raymond Stevenson, founder and principal, RaymondStevenson Healthcare Communications
Steve Woodruff, president, Impactiviti

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The challenges of social media to a health care public relations practitioner can be formidable — rigorous regulatory guidelines in an environment where your information can be fragmented and distributed over dozens of domains. Through case studies and Q&A, discover how to confidently incorporate new and social media into your public relations function, and reach and build credibility among today's fragmented audiences. Also learn how to significantly improve your ability to measure shifts in audience behavior and perception.

Sponsored by: Association/Nonprofit Section
The Passion Factor: Creating Organizational Effectiveness Through Greater Engagement
Debbie Mason, APR, Fellow PRSA, president, Strategists, Inc.

Passion can make or break an organization, yet volunteers, board members or staff with true passion can be somewhat elusive. This hands-on workshop engages participants in exercises designed to explore a different organizational mindset and to create a platform for greater engagement of key internal audiences. Learn how to conduct baseline studies of engagement for your own organization. Also gain a better understanding of how to recruit, train and retain individuals who are passionate about your organization.


Track 4: The Business Case for Public Relations

Reputation-building: Integrity, Transparency and Engagement Through CSR
Frank Mantero, director, corporate citizenship programs, GE Corporation

What is the role of CSR in driving stakeholder engagement, transparency and reporting? How can CSR add value to a company's communications strategy, including issues management? Through in-depth examination of case studies, gain insight into one global organization's citizenship program and its foundation based on integrity and compliance practices. See how CSR is closely aligned into a company's communications strategy, leveraging stakeholder relationships to advance a company's reputation.


Sponsored by: PRSA Board of Ethics & Professional Standards
What Does Ethics Have to Do With Social Media Anyway?
Emmanuel Tchividjian, senior vice president and chief ethics officer, Ruder Finn
Bill Sailer, senior vice president, legal counsel, Qualcomm, Inc.
Andrea Kates, founder, Business Genome

The basic principles in ethics have not changed since Moses and Aristotle but their applications have with the advent of new scientific discoveries and new technologies.Take a revealing look at the issue of ethics and the online community, as well as the ethical dimension in blogging, emails, and postings on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. The new FTC guidelines addressing social media will enhance both transparency and credibility, but the challenge will be, particularly for bloggers, to ensure that the new regulatory environment does not impede creativity and spontaneity. Attendees will leave with tools that will allow them to recognize ethical dilemmas online and ways to resolve them.

Sponsored by: College of Fellows
In Search of Leadership in Public Relations — Putting Research into Practice
Dr. Bruce K. Berger, public relations professor and chair, Department of Advertising & Public Relations, University of Alabama
Ron Culp, partner and managing director, Ketchum
Keith Burton, president, GolinHarris, Insidedge

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While excellent leadership is key to the success of organizations and professions, little research about public relations leadership had been carried out — until recently. Discuss findings from 15 research studies, such as the importance of role models and mentors in shaping leadership values and beliefs; five crucial dimensions or qualities of excellent leadership in public relations; and differences between excellent leadership in public relations vs. other fields. Contribute to the preparation of next-stage research and professional development agendas, and leave with at least two practical ideas for applying some of the leadership research in your unit or organization.


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