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Tuesday, November 10, 2009 3:30 p.m. - 4:45 p.m.

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Track 1: Innovative Strategies

Keeping Employees Focused During Tough Economic Times
Robin Schell, APR, Fellow PRSA, senior counsel and partner, Jackson Jackson & Wagner
Stacey Smith, APR, Fellow PRSA, senior counsel and partner, Jackson Jackson & Wagner

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During times of economic anxiety, it may be hard enough to keep yourself focused, much less your employees. Here's what every seasoned practitioner must know to help his or her organization thrive in good times and in bad. Examine examples of how to build and implement programs that insulate or motivate an employee base. Explore employee communication, relationshipbuilding and involvement theories and techniques. Also discuss the impact senior leadership has on the overall psyche and how to help them overcome their frustration with fight/flight syndromes.


Track 2: Effective Tactics & Techniques

Dramatically Increase Productivity by Slaying the E-mail Monster
Henry J. DeVries, APR, marketing faculty, UC San Diego Marketing
Michael Valentine, principal, Coffman Valentine & Associates
Lynn Coffman, principal, Coffman Valentine & Associates

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This is not your father's time management. Based on programs taught to executives at the University of Toyota, attendees will learn how to eliminate up to eight hours of wasted effort each week. Take away a checklist of steps for handling e-mails, task lists, appointments and contacts. Learn the four things to do when an e-mail arrives, and how to invest 30 minutes in configuring and utilizing Microsoft Outlook (and other programs) to better support your work.

Measuring the Impact of Social Media on your PR campaigns
Kye Strance, director of product management, Vocus

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Social media has not just grown but exploded. Millions of conversations are taking place online. Company reputations are being made or harmed hourly — all in 140 characters. Engaging and monitoring the new world of social media are the first steps, but once you've jumped in, how do you evaluate and measure the success of these new efforts? Today's public relations is about more than media, it is about impact. Social media provides the tools and tactics to empower public relations and prove its value. Learn how to create a solid, quantifiable social media strategy for your organization, and how to evaluate the effectiveness of these new channels in helping you reach your public relations goals.

Track 3: Specialization & Practice Areas

Marketing to Women — Consumers Become Co-brand Managers
Kelley Skoloda, partner and director, Ketchum

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According to BusinessWeek and Gallup, women are expected to control $1 trillion, or 60 percent, of the country's wealth by 2010. Given today's economy and high competition for every consumer dollar, marketing to women is a "must do" activity that must be done well. Explore how to reach this multi-minded audience that has little time for commercial messages.

Department of the Navy Environmental Program: Issues and Public Affairs Challenges
Christina S. Adams, APR, director, environmental public affairs, Department of the Navy, Navy Office of Information

The Department of the Navy's environmental strategy strengthens the vital link between its war fighting mission and its responsibility to safeguard the environment. Public affairs personnel work to foster transparency on environmental issues, advance partnerships "beyond the fence line" and engage the workforce on environmental stewardship matters. Take away guidelines to help maximize the environmental risk communication planning process, and develop an environmental public affairs litigation strategy.


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Building a Global Brand by Doing Good
John Huey, director of sustainability and environmental affairs, Delaware North Companies

Today there are more organizations being created, causes being supported, and celebrities, athletes and corporate spokespeople speaking out about everything from climate change to health issues and world hunger than ever before. A new activism has taken hold and that has translated into some remarkable efforts and programs that are building both personal and corporate brands. Consumers, government agencies and community groups expect that companies will not only be good neighbors, but they will contribute to making the world a better place. Learn how corporations and personalities are building their global brand by doing good work.


Track 4: The Business Case for Public Relations

Powerful Ideas and Integrated Communications at the Heart of the “Go Red For Women” Campaign
Jennifer Pfahler, executive vice president, Edelman
Megan Lozito, senior communications manager, American Heart Association

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The American Heart Association's "Go Red For Women" campaign was created to raise awareness of women and heart disease. Explore best practices that helped an integrated plan evolve and refresh an existing brand. Hear how to optimize and activate across organizational functions to create robust campaigns and programs. Understand the power of one idea that is executed across marketing/communications disciplines.


When a Recession Hits, Reputation Matters More Than Ever
Kathleen L. Lewton, APR, Fellow PRSA, principal, Lewton, Seekins & Trester
Steven V. Seekins, APR, Fellow PRSA, principal, Lewton, Seekins & Trester

A recession hits, and all too often the ax falls on reputation sustaining programs. Yet the response should be just the opposite. Investments in reputation should be maintained or increased because stakeholders are most likely to be loyal to trusted brands and companies during tough times. Get the data and information to make this case to management and to find creative new ways to marry reputation and marketing goals so that classic public relations strategies and tactics also deliver positive results.


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Way Above Water: Keeping Afloat During Turbulent Economic Times
Sally Falkow, social media strategist, Expansion Plus
Edwin Stepp, PR director, Vision Media
Doug Dome, consultant, FLOR

The recent economic downturn claimed many companies over the past year, while others struggled just to stay afloat. But, with solid PR foundations and tactical plans in place, these three case studies – public, private and non-profit companies – will share their insights on how a sound PR strategy, integrating online and offline activities, has delivered lasting results. Hear first-hand how they used traditional and new media strategies to build a strong foundation that has carried them through tough times.

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