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  1. June 1, 2016: Next time you hit Whole Foods, look at the magazines displayed at the checkout counter. Chances are you’ll find they’re packed with numerals.
  2. May 2, 2016: No matter how dazzling your feature lead is, at some point, readers want to know where you’re going with the story. And that’s the job of the nut graph. The nut graph is where you reveal your destination and convince your readers to come along for the ride.
  3. April 1, 2016: Read it and weep.
  4. March 2, 2016: It’s the most retweeted word in the English language, according to viral marketing scientist Dan Zarrella: “you.”
  5. February 1, 2016: Over the past five years, author and writing coach Ann Wylie has been offering tips for Tactics readers in her “Writing With Wylie” column. Here is some of her most timeless advice:
  6. February 1, 2016: How do you pack a large life into a tight space?
  7. January 4, 2016: How can scanning old news headlines, getting a quick education from Wikipedia or asking your BFF and research assistant Google a question or two save a boring story? By helping you add concrete detail to your message in 15 minutes or less.
  8. December 2, 2015: Editors don’t care that “Amalgamated Technologies Has Released the New XYZ-2000 Coated Cable Bushing,” writes Stinson Liles, principal and cofounder at Red Deluxe. “They are much more likely to be interested in ‘Phone Companies Use New Coated Cable Bushing for Difficult Underground Connections.’ … A product release must — very early on — sell the editor on the product’s usefulness and applicability to … readers.”
  9. December 2, 2015: The ExpertExpress Quick Learning sessions on Nov. 9 provided 15-minute takeaways and techniques for communications professionals. Here are some soundbites and highlights from six of the speakers:
  10. October 29, 2015: What’s the least important element in a press release — less important than even the dateline or the boilerplate?

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