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Posting Your Job to an Association Job Board

Staffing Solutions with PRSA Jobcenter

Why post with PRSA's industry-leading association job board? Unlike the massive job boards run by for-profit companies, or job boards run as a sideline by publishers, PRSA's Jobcenter reflects our mission:  to advance the public relations profession and the professional by supporting career development. 

Jobcenter gives you highly targeted access to a nationwide community of dedicated professionals who share our mission and values with a deep commitment to their careers and to each other. PRSA's members show their commitment every year by investing in their continuing education and professional development — the very type of professional who can help your organziation excel:

  • Typically, one-third of PRSA members have taken a continuing education course.
  • Twenty percent of PRSA members can be considered "influencers," as measured by their ongoing activities, such as speaking engagements, leadership roles, authorship of articles, service to the local community, blog postings and other activities.                                      
  • PRSA members are active in 14 Professional Interest Sections, such as Educators Academy, Counselors to Higher Education, Health Academy, Technology, New Professionals, etc.
  • PRSA's professionals are allied with PRSSA, which has close to 10,000 members, which provides rich opportunities for mentorship, cross-generational learning and access to tomorrow's professionals.
  • Members are engaged in diverse communication disciplines, such as media relations, corporate communications, health care, education, social media, community relations, government and public affairs.

Post a job and discover the association advantage.